Irrigatia Solar Automatic Watering System

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Irrigatia Solar Automatic Watering System

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This Solar Powered Watering System can be used with water butts or tanks to increase the water pressure so that you can water plants up to 4 metres above the water source. This makes this system ideal when you haven’t got access to mains water or you prefer to water your plants using rainwater. And being solar powered there are NO running costs.

 Solar Pump Unit - the pump is designed to water your plants every 3 hours. The length of time the pump remains on - watering your plants - depends on the light - so the sunnier it is, the longer the pump stays on watering your plants. A control knob on the side of the pump lets you set to water large or small plants. Ideally position the pump in a sunny position near the water supply.

Anti Siphon Device - this is only needed where the water source id higher than the first dripper.

Inlet Filter

15 Metres Irrigation Tube - into which the T Connectors are placed to divert water off to a Dripper.

12 Drippers with Stakes and T Connectors - Drippers are held securely in place with their stakes.

To feed your plants as they are watered all you need to do is add a liquid feed to the water in your water butt.

Available from Two Wests & Elliott click for more info, price & to buy

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