Gardena Micro Drip Kit with Extension and Timer

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Gardena Micro Drip Kit with Extension and Timer

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This Special Offer Micro Drip System from Gardena not only provides you with everything you need to keep your garden looking green and healthy, even when a hosepipe ban is in place, you will also be saving £££s on purchasing these items separately.

This system, from Gardena features a perforated pipe designed to deliver water directly onto the ground, straight towards plant roots so no water is wasted. The system should be run from mains water and includes a Pressure Reducer and Water Timer to enable the system to work efficiently.

Kit includes:

Gardena Pre-Programmed Water Timer 1823-28 this timer has 14 pre-set programs that can be selected simply by the press of a button, programs range from 3 minutes up to 2 hours and the timer can run up to four different watering cycles per day.

30 Metres of 4.6mm (3/16") Pipe supplied as two 15 metre lengths. This pipe has built in drippers, spaced every 30cm (12") and is designed to gently drip 1.5 litres of water per hour.
The drippers are self- cleaning so require no maintenance, whilst the small diameter pipe is especially flexible and easy to install. Gardena recommends that no more that 30 metres should be used for successful watering.

Gardena Pressure Reducer this reduces mains water pressure down to the safe working pressure of this system, 21 psi.

1 End Plug to fit into the end of the pipe, to finish the system.

Available from Two Wests & Elliott click for more info, price & to buy

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