Electronic Leaf Control Box With Leaf

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Electronic Leaf Control Box With Leaf

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This Electronic Leaf Controller is an up to date version of a tried and tested idea - the 'electronic leaf' gives accurate control of your plants water requirements.

The control box is operated by mains electricity & transforms the supply to a safe 24 volts.

The moisture sensor or "leaf" is connected to the control box via a 2.3m (7½ ft) lead. A second electrical lead is required to connect the solenoid valve (not included).

By positioning the 'leaf' amongst the plants, the sensor monitors the amount of water falling on them. Only when it dries out does it send an electrical current to the solenoid valve which then opens and allows water to flow to your misting equipment.

Once the leaf is sufficiently wet, the electrical current is switched off which allows the solenoid to close so stopping the water supply to the mist system.

Power to the solenoid can be delayed from 3-10 seconds to extend the mist cycle.

The automatic system can be manually overridden to give continuous spray/mist when required.

Available from Two Wests & Elliott click for more info, price & to buy

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