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Green manures are a great way to retain soil fertility and add to soil fertility as well as adding humus and improving the soil structure. See Green Manures

Green Manure Seeds

Green Manure Seeds

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Green Manure - Buckwheat 225G (36 sq.m)

Sow April-August. Fast-growing foliage to suppress weeds and mop up available phosphate. A good source of calcium and its long roots extract nutrients from deep in the soil. Regrows if cut as it begins to flower. When left to flower it attracts hoverflies, whose larvae feed on aphids. Quick to decompose once dug in. Avoid wet or very dry soils. Crop rotation: fits anywhere.

From Dobies Price: £2.99

Green Manure - Hungarian Grazing Rye 112g (7 sq.m)

One of the best green manures for winter use. Great for storing nutrients, improving soil structure and suppressing weeds. Continues to grow in cold weather. Sow in September or even into October in the South. A good cover crop to prevent nutrient leaching. Dig in during the spring.Hardy annual fits anywhere in a rotation. 112g for 7 sq.m.

From Dobies Price: £2.49

Green Manure - Oats Black (Japanese) 100G

An excellent green manure for sowing from Apr-Sep. It is fast growing with good leaf cover to suppress weeds and deep roots to gather nutrients for the following crop and to improve soil aeration and structure. Its root secretions are also reputed to inhibit nematodes in the same way as Tagetes. It can stand light frost but will be killed by severe frost. Fits anywhere in your rotation. 100g covers 16 sqm.

From Dobies Price: £2.99

Green Manure - Persian Clover (HHA) 112g (45 sq.m)

An annual for short-medium term use. Sow April-May or September. Will grow well on slightly acidic and clay soils. Good for no-dig as dies back naturally. Sufficient for 45 sq.m.

From Dobies Price: £3.49

Green Manure Seed - Mustard White

Can be sown indoors, throughout the year, harvested in just 4-6 days and used in salads and sandwiches. Alternatively, sow outdoors in summer and autumn, as a green manure to help prevent soil erosion and leaching of nutrients, assist in humus formation, act as a storehouse for plant foods, and benefit soil organisms & earthworms. Coverage 42m (50 square yards).

From Dobies Price: £2.99

Green Manure Seed - Winter Mix

Growing a nitrogen lifter and a fixer together is the best way of improving soils over winter. Rye and Vetch are excellent companions and usually very reliable. Variety: Rye/Vetch over-winter mix. 140g covers approximately 10.Why sow Green Manure? Bigger, more prolific crops - green manures will lift or fix nitrates into your soil to provide this essential element for your harvests Easier digging - deep rooting green species can help to loosen and aerate soil Reduce the need to use chemical fertilisers - environmentally friendly Less weeding - assists with keeping weeds down! Less chemical pest control - helps control pests and provides shelter for beneficial insects Can suppress soil borne pest and diseases!

From Dobies Price: £1.99

Green Manure Seeds - Winter Mix

Specially formulated for sowing August-mid October ready for digging in February-April (year 2). Packet of seed covers approximately 4m?. Winter Mix?- For maintaining soil quality in winter. Contains: Rye and Vetch. Why grow Suttons Green Manures? Green manures are a range of seeds that are sown specifically to improve or assist with soil fertility and/or the conditioning of soil.? Bigger, more prolific crops - Green manures will lift or fix nitrates into your soil providing this essential element for bumper harvests Soil enhancer - Ensures your soil gets the maximum nutrients required to give you the best crops Easier digging - Deep rooting green species improves the soil's structure by loosening and aerating the soil Environmentally friendly - Reduces the need to use chemical fertilisers Less weeding - The leafy nature of the Green Manure acts as a weed suppressant whilst retaining soil moisture Pest control - Helps control pests and provides shelter for beneficial insects Green Manure Mixes - Our specially selected mixes for specific garden situations are a simple and natural way to improve the fertility and condition of your soil and boost your crops! Green manures, sown?onto beds and borders, form a green?carpet that can be strimmed or mown and?then dug directly into the soil. Ideal for sowing where areas aren't required for crops for a couple of months.??

From Suttons Price: £2.99

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