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Vegetable Seeds - Cress

Land cress is a fast-growing substitute for water cress, with a similar taste, smaller leaf and a long cropping period – over the winter if desired. For help in growing Landcress check out our guide here: Grow Your Own Landcress

Cress Seeds

Cress Seeds

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Cress Seeds - American (Land)

Delicious in sandwiches and salads, and decorative as a garnish.

From Suttons Price: £1.99

Cress Seeds - Cress Heads (Curled)

Nothing grows faster than Cress which, with its tongue tingling taste is ideal for salads and sandwiches. You can grow it outside in the summer or indoors on a windowsill right through the year. Just sit back and watch it grow! FUN TO GROW - A fun, educational way to get children growing flowers and veg. Great for party bags or christmas stockings! Fun growing indoor and outdoors! FREE stickers, magnifying glass and measuring tape inside certain packets of seeds contents may vary ?

From Suttons Price: £1.99

Cress Seeds - Curled

Can be grown indoors all the year round. Sow on moist tissue and cover with glass or paper until seed germinates. To mature with mustard sow two days in advance. Ready in just 6-8 days. 27 grams. SMALL SPACES made easy! Are you feeling left behind by the ?grow-your-own? revolution because you live in a gardenless apartment or have a postage-stamp-sized patio? Don?t worry: Anyone with a sunny windowsill, patio, or balcony can cultivate home-grown vegetables. In fact, choosing plants that are nutritious, delicious, and attractive is the ultimate way to maximise limited space. We?ve tried and tested these varieties suitable for small spaces and know they?ll succeed, but that?s not to say there aren?t other vegetable seeds that you could try! ?

From Suttons Price: £1.55

Cress Seeds - Watercress Aqua

A crisp-textured variety with a delicious pungent flavour. High in vitamin C. Grows well in wet soil. Crop as baby leaves or allow to mature.

From Suttons Price: £1.55

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