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Wormeries, Worm Composting Systems

Worm cast is best used as a first class natural fertilizer, use it sparingly and selectively around the garden - a little goes a very long way!

Studies have shown that worms convert organic waste into the best natural fertilizer known – worm cast. It contains from 5 to 11 times the quantity of available N – P – K (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) than the soil the worms consume to produce the cast. The worms also drastically improve the soil structure. Each worm can convert up to their own weight of waste into worm cast each day.

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Original Wormery

Original Wormery

The Original Wormery uses the insatiable appetite of Tiger Worms to munch through your refuse.

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Stacking Wormery

Stacking Wormery

These Stacking Tray Wormeries take advantage of the surface-feeding nature of Tiger Worms. As the unit fills, the worms follow the food upwards through the trays leaving behind their rich organic compost.

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