Recipes Section - Courgette

Recipes using courgettes as a main ingredient in the dish

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Herbs Lentil Parmesan Pie

Herbs, Lentil and Parmesan Pie Recipe

Recipe for Herbs, Lentil and Parmesan Pie. This fresh and filling dish is high in fibre and a good source of carbohydrates.

Courgettes pretending to be Chips Recipe

Recipe for Courgettes pretending to be Chips! A great but simple way to use up some of those courgettes that seem to come by the ton.

Courgette Chutney Recipe

Recipe for Courgette Chutney. What to do with all those courgettes? Make a chutney with a difference, of course.

Courgette Cake Recipe

Recipe for Courgette Cake. Yes, it's for real! A courgette cake. You can use half carrots/ half courgettes if you want. Can top with sweetened cream cheese.

Vegetable Gratin Recipe

Recipe for Vegetable Gratin. Grilled vegetables, mixed cheeses, what's not to like? A filling and tasty vegetarian meal that the carnivores will love too

Green and Blue Egg Cake Recipe

Recipe for Green and Blue Egg Cake. This serves 4 generously and makes a lovely break from a meat based dish. Another way to use up the Courgette Glut!

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