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Recipes using garlic.

Tomato and Courgette Glut Soup Recipe

Recipe for Tomato and Courgette Glut Soup. Seasoning is very important. Don't skimp on it or you will have a very bland soup. Taste as you go along.

Penne with Courgette Cream Recipe

Recipe for Penne with Courgette Cream. Can be served as an appetiser or as a main course. Any left over can be refrigerated and simply reheated.

Easy Pasta Tomato Sauce Recipe

Recipe for Easy Peasy Pasta Tomato Sauce. Serve spooned on top of freshly cooked pasta and finish with parmesan or grated cheese.

Greek Style Courgette and Cheese Pie Recipe

Recipe for Courgette and Cheese Pie (Greek style). Absolutely delicious. Serve with a green salad and bread if necessary (the pie is filling on its own).

Spiced Courgette Soup Recipe

Recipe for Spiced Courgette Soup. Easy to make and freezes well. Delicious served with a sprinkling of Lemon Pepper and crusty bread.

Spicy New Potatoes Recipe

Recipe for Spicy New Potatoes Can be used as a side dish or turned into a main course by adding some cubed feta cheese or halloumi and finishing in a grill.

Chard and Asparagus Roulade Recipe

Recipe for Chard and Asparagus Roulade. Great as a light lunch for two or starter for 4. You can use spinach in place of the chard and different cheeses.

Garlic Stir Fry Noodles Recipe – Quick & Easy

Recipe for Quick 'n' easy Garlic Stir Fry Noodles (or rice). To serve put the noodles/rice into a bowl and pour your veg over the top.

Aztec Pie Recipe – Mexican Beef & Tortilla Layer

Recipe for Aztec Pie. Made principally with beef and is a good use for any lottie grown peppers, toms or chillies. Serve with golden rice. Enough for 6.

Gardeners’ Chicken Recipe

Recipe for Gardeners' Chicken. Green salad contrasts well with this dish and if you feel extra hungry, serve with ciabatta bread (or similar).

Caraway Seeds Potatoes Recipe

Recipe for Caraway Seeds Potatoes. A lovely vegetarian filling dish, best served with a green salad. Enough, perhaps more than enough, for 2 people.

Basic Focaccia Bread Recipe

Recipe for Basic Focaccia Bread. If you wish to put fillings in, put with the flour, salt and yeast. The added bits will just disappear as the bread rises.

Pepper and Tomato Tart Recipe

Recipe for Pepper and Tomato Tart. Can be eaten hot or cold. Serve with baby new potatoes and a salad as a main course to a meal.

Borlotti Bean Soup Recipe

Recipe for Borlotti Bean Soup. Makes enough soup for 8 people. As this freezes well, you can batch cook. Great recipe for a pressure cooker as well

Mediterranean Vegetable Quiche Recipe

Easy and fast recipe for Mediterranean Vegetable Quiche. Enough for 4 people. Can be eaten either hot or cold. Serve with a crisp green salad.

Mediterranean Tuna Quiche Recipe

Easy and quick recipe for Mediterranean Tuna Quiche. Enough for 4 people. Can be eaten either hot or cold. Serve with a crisp green salad.

Creamy Tagliatelle with Herbs Recipe

Recipe for Creamy Tagliatelle with Herbs. Nice served with freshly grated Parmesan cheese and a mixed salad. Enough for 4 portions.

Spaghetti with Broccoli and Garlic Recipe

Recipe for Spaghetti with Broccoli and Garlic. Nice sprinkled with parmesan cheese and served with a mixed side salad. 4 portions.

Spinach Gratin Recipe

This easy to make Spinach Gratin Recipe makes 4 good helpings of this delicious and healthy spinach cheese dish in just a few minutes

Creamy Spinach & Ham Bake Recipe

Serve with salad and crusty bread. This easy to make Creamy Spinach & Ham Bake Recipe makes enough for 4 people.

Stuffed Marrow Recipe – Vegetarian Version

Easy to follow recipe for Stuffed Marrow - Vegetarian Version. Serves 4 to 6. A good recipe if you have a glut of marrows.

Battered Stuffed Peppers Recipe – Vegetarian Recipe

Recipe for Battered Stuffed Peppers. This vegetarian recipes works well complemented by a nice mixed salad. The recipe serves 4 but can be upscaled for more

Gazpacho Soup Recipe

Recipe for Gazpacho Soup, the famous soup of Southern Spain. Serves 4 - No cooking at all. Perfect served al fresco on a hot summer's day.

Avocado Soup Recipe

A very easy recipe for Avocado Soup. A wonderful summer soup served chilled. No cooking whatsoever involved. Makes enough for 4 people.

Chicken Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Recipe for Chicken Stuffed Peppers. Serves 4 Serve piping hot with a mixed salad and possibly potato salad or new potatoes or baked potato. Or a rice salad.

Courgette Soup Recipe

Recipe for Courgette Soup. A simple recipe with a delicious result. Another way to use up the courgette glut!

Pizza Broccoli

Recipe for Pizza Broccoli. Makes one large pizza. If smaller pizzas are required, divide the dough into small lumps, roll into balls and leave to rise apart

Pizzaiola Sauce Recipe

Recipe for Pizzaiola Sauce. A tomato sauce to spread on the base of your home-made pizzas.

Garlic & Herb French Bread Sticks Recipe

Recipe for Garlic & Herb French Bread Sticks. Can either be eaten immediately or left to cool on a wire rack. Makes 2 sticks.

Aubergine and Tomato Pie Recipe

Recipe for Aubergine and Tomato Pie. Serves 4. A satisfying dish as the centre of a vegetarian meal or with lamb

Baked Stuffed Lettuce Recipe

This Baked Stuffed Lettuce Recipe serves 4 as a starter. Best served warm as a light supper dish or as a follow on to soup for a more substantial meal

Leek and Tomato Casserole Recipe

This Leek and Tomato Casserole Recipe produces an easy-to-make vegetable dish that can be served on its own or with roast beef or pork.

Pepper Quiche Recipe

Recipe for Pepper Quiche. Can be eaten either hot or cold and goes well with a salad.

Spicy Beef and Pepper Casserole Recipe

Recipe for Spicy Beef and Pepper Casserole. Serves 4 - 6. Goes well with boiled rice or new potatoes.

Garlic Vinegar Recipe

Recipe for Garlic Vinegar. Makes about 1 pint (570 ml) of Garlic Vinegar. Adds interest to a salad dressing and can be used in stews, soups, sauces etc.

Garlic Oil Recipe

Recipe for Garlic Oil. Makes about 1 pint (570 ml). Garlic oil is great for making a salad dressing or just as a pouring oil to go with vinegar on a salad.

Cabbage and Bacon Bake Recipe

Recipe for Cabbage and Bacon Bake. More of a side dish than a main course. Would go well with french bean and some spuds!

Sautéed Potatoes in Tomato Sauce Recipe

Recipe for Sautéed Potatoes in Tomato Sauce. You can also add some diced sweet peppers into the sauce and/or spice it up with chillies. Serves 4.

Stewed Peas with Onion & Garlic Recipe

Recipe for Stewed Peas with Onion and Garlic. A simple and light side dish, good with roast or sauté potatoes and grilled or roast meat.

Tagliatelle with Aubergines and Tomatoes Recipe

Recipe for Tagliatelle with Aubergines and Tomatoes. If you like olives, you can add them to the vegetable mix at the end before it goes over the pasta.

Vegetables with Brown Rice Recipe

Recipe for Vegetables with Brown Rice. Serves 4. A delicious vegetarian meal on its own.

Green Beans with Herbs and Cheese Recipe

Recipe for Green Beans with Herbs and Cheese. A tasty side dish or part of a main course meal. Serves 4. Try an alternate hard cheese in place of parmesan.

Beef and Green Bean Curry Recipe

Recipe for Beef and Green Bean Curry. Make this flavourful curry as hot (or not) as you wish. This can also be done with blanched spinach instead of beans.

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