Elderflower Cordial Recipe

elderflower cordial

Elderflower Cordial Recipe Submitted by Patjoy

Ingredients & Method for making Elderflower Cordial:

  • Gather elderflower heads on a dry day!!
  • Never wash them (I put them in my white ” butler ” sink and shake most of the grubs out).
  • Cut out a lot of the green stems.
  • Use approx 20 to 25 heads (NB do not pick them near the road with ” fumes” etc on).
  • Place in a clean bucket with 4 lbs of sugar, 2 lemons sliced (Organic is best for this).
  • Pour over 4 pts hot water and stir well.
  • Add either 75 grams citric acid OR 2 tbls white wine vinegar (I prefer the citric acid the cordial seems to keep better).
  • NOW cover well with a big cloth and leave approx 3 days BUT stir each day) (the smell gets better).
  • Taste and, if sweet enough, strain through some muslin into a jug and then funnel into clean bottles.
  • Do not leave it in a warm place (as a friend did and bottles exploded).
  • Do not screw tops on TOO tight (I have learned!!).

Beautiful and refreshing either with iced water & extra lemon slices or (I was told) tonic water.

Also poured over ice cream or even a spoon or 2 in an apple cake!!

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2 comments on “Elderflower Cordial Recipe
  1. I have just bottled up x 4 bottles of elderflower cordial
    ( delicious!! ) & then I put some in to a jar & added some GIN !! ( & we do not ” drink ” but by Sep / Oct I will have a super drop of liquer, ( & you wont taste the gin””) Time is fast running out if you would love to ” have a go ” at making some delicious Elderflower Cordial!!!

  2. Sam says:

    How long will this last bottled?

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