Apple & Cape Gooseberry Sauce Recipe

apple and cape gooseberry sauce

Apple & Cape Gooseberry Sauce Recipe Submitted by Swing Swang

One of the great things about having family living overseas is the opportunity that we have to try new things whilst visiting them, and the ability to bring back exotic ingredients to place in the larder.

My Other Half loves meat and fruit combinations and one day asked me to do something with that last can of Cape Gooseberries.

I used some of them to stuff a rolled leg of pork which was then roasted in the usual fashion, the accompanying sauce was superb.

Ingredients for Apple &  Cape Gooseberry Sauce:

1 dessert Apple
12 Cape Gooseberries
5-10ml Raspberry Vinegar (optional)

Method for Apple and  Cape Gooseberry Sauce:

  1. Peel, core and slice the apple and cook down in a saucepan with a little water. Work quickly and the apple won’t  brown significantly. Keep adding water as necessary to stop the apple drying out.
  2. Add the Cape gooseberries and vinegar once the apple has reduced to a lumpy pulp.
  3. Heat until the gooseberries just begin to break down.
  4.  Serve warm.

The Raspberry vinegar is optional,  but it does add to the fruity sweet and sourness. The vinegar will stop the apples mushing down so it is imperative that it is not added before they have reached the desired texture.

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One comment on “Apple & Cape Gooseberry Sauce Recipe
  1. Autumn19 says:

    Can you make this in batches and if so how long would it keep for?

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