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Providing Water for Drought Sensitive Plants

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This tip  for providing Water for Drought Sensitive Plants was sent in by a reader. We’ve not tried all the tips – so if you try this tip, let us know how you got on in the comments box below.

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  • Water for Drought Sensitive Plants

Water for Drought Sensitive Plants

Right at this moment it seems impossible to think that before long we will be back to wishing it would rain.

Yet every six or seven years we have a decent summer with a drought and water usage restrictions. When this does happen it would be useful to have a reservoir or two of water around those plants that are drought sensitive and to make best use of what water we have.

This can be achieved by planting 2″, 4″or even 6″flower pots in strategic places. Place by the plants you know need that water most. Pop some clean pebbles over some tissue paper in the bottom of the pots and when you water make sure you fill them to the brim.

The idea is to slow down the water seepage and give you that much needed reservoir, particularly those runner beans in mid and late summer when you cannot always get down the vegetable plot at the same time. Sometimes being even an hour or two late on a scorching day can check their growth.

You can use the smaller pots on tomatoes but do not over water them Use the larger pots on runner beans, which I find almost impossible to over water.

With thanks to Henry for this tip on Providing Water for Drought Sensitive Plants

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