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3 Tool Tips – Keeping Your Tools Well & Saving Time

These three tips should help you keep your tools in first-class condition and save you a lot of time in the long run. We’ve not tried all the tips in this section – so if you try a tip, let us know how you got on in the comments box below.

The Tool ShedWe’re always happy to get comments, tips and even full articles for the site from gardeners: just contact me or pop your tip in on the comments box below.

  • Simple Tool Care
  • Get Organised!
  • Finish Early to Start Faster

Simple Tool Care

We all know that tools work better and last longer if they are regularly oiled and kept clean. Your spade digs a little easier and the soil sticks a whole lot less. Hoeing is so much less of a chore with a clean sharp edge.

So an easy way to do this every time you use it is as follows. Place a bucket sized container outside your allotment shed door, filled with sand and mixed with that old engine oil from your rotavator or grass cutter or even from your car.

When you have finished with your spade or hoe etc., knock off all the soil you can then plunge it up and down in your sand and oil filled bucket. The result is a well-oiled, very clean and de-rusted, re-sharpened tool ready for use next time.

Thanks to Henry for this tip on keeping your tools in tip-top condition.

Get Organised & Save Time – Everything in its Place

How often do you spend ages searching for a tool in the shed? Is it on the bench or did I put it down here? All those 5 and 10 minute searches add up to a huge waste of your time.

Spend a few hours sorting everything out. Bang in nails and screw in hooks for your tools then hang them up. Become compulsive about putting things back where they came from.

You’ll save hours for your minutes spent.

Thanks to Phil for this time-saving tip on getting organised

Finish Early to Start Faster

One great tip learned from watching the builders. Stop work half an hour before finishing time. Use that half hour to put everything away ready to use the next day, cleaning tools and re-winding hosepipes etc.

Next time you’re on the plot everything is where you expect and ready for action so you’re off to a flying start.

This tip from my own experience.

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