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Avoiding Backache

Backache is no joke, as a sciatica sufferer avoiding backache is a high priority for me when I’m working on the plot. There’s a big difference between feeling that pleasant ache following exercise and the sheer agony of strained muscles and a twisted back

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Avoiding Backache

Avoiding Backache

Most of us have given ourselves a bit of a bad back or an ache or two having dug, picked, hoed or sown down at the allotment. Some times we have even given ourselves a very bad back and can hardly move.

Well do you realise that a lot of bad backs are not caused by the work but by the choice of seating after we have stretched and warmed our muscles? Plonking one cheek on a box or squatting on a corner of anything available is sure to bring on the pain.

You owe it to your back to provide the best possible seat while your body cools down, and if you want it to last you should start to take care of it from now on.

Take a good look at your garden seat. If its good, then great you are doing the right thing. After heavy exercise working on the plot, remember to sit and give your muscles a chance to cool and heal.

I keep one of those folding garden seats in the shed. It hangs on hooks on the wall and hardly takes up any space but it unfolds in a second to make a comfy place to relax before the next bout or heading home.

Cooling Down is Important for Avoiding Backache

This ‘cooling down’ period is nearly as important in avoiding backache as warming up your muscles before launching into heavy jobs. Especially as you grow older.

Do the job properly of relaxing and cooling down to avoid backache and give your mobility a few extra years.

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Disclaimer: We’re gardeners, not doctors so we make no representation or warranty of any kind in relation to this advice.

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