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De-leafing Tomatoes

Catching up after the holiday, removing leaves from the tomatoes to encourage ripening fruit and applying compost to fruit bushes.

We’re Back!

We're back from Lanzarote - some thoughts on growing in hot dry climates and the runner bean tree mystery!

We’re Off!

We're off on holiday so trying to get things done before we get on the plane.

Our One Week Summer

Taking advantage of some decent weather to catch up outside with everything.

Catching Up in Better Weather

Catching up now the weather has finally improved. Tomatoes coming out of our ears!

Late Early Carrots

The term 'early' in vegetable growing is a bit confusing, it doesn't mean early in the sense of early in the season so much as 'quick'.

Modern Garden Machinery

A bit of a rant about 40 years of progress giving us garden machinery that just isn't reliable

Spiders & Greenhouse

Was it a spider bite that got me or what? But the greenhouse is doing really well for us.

Dr David Shaw

Visit to the Home of Sarpo Potatoes

A visit to the Sarvari Research Trust and Dr David Shaw, the man behind Sarpo blight and disease resistant potatoes

Planting a New Border

Planting up a new decorative border using weed matting and bark chips. Discussing plant spacings

Trial pea seedlings

Pro-biotics, The New Wave?

A look at some new biological growing aids that are now available to the gardener.

Where is Summer?

Rotten weather, strawberry experiment and crackers cat eats cucumbers!

Propagating Strawberries

Having lost half the strawberry barrel to a ravening hoard of locust-like sheep, I need replacements. Luckily for my pocket strawberries are really easy to propagate.

Building a Strawberry Stand

Building a stand for strawberries in troughs for just under 25 pounds max!

Tree Trimming & Preparing the Land

Trimming the pollarded sycamore, mulching the terrace and flies in the potting shed stop tea drinking

Tomatoes, Newsletter & Sheep

A royal visit, feeding and watering tomatoes etc. Newsletter problems and the big electric storm but nothing is worse than sheep!

Mulching with Grass Clippings

Some notes on mulching with grass clippings which can be difficult to compost.

Lawnmower Fixed, Whitefly & Feeding

Lawnmower back from the shop at huge cost. The battle with the whitefly plague continues and it's time to start feeding.

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