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Whitefly Plague

Whitefly become a plague in the greenhouse which continues to produce in abundance.

Spider, Strimming & Grafting

Fighting giant spiders in the greenhouse, strimmer breaks yet again and grafting fruit trees to hawthorn stock.

Miserable Weather, Last Carrots

Sowing the last carrots under a windbreak and responding on the subject of raised beds.

Heritage Welsh Apples & Fruits

Visit to a local specialist nursery growing fruit trees ideal for the wetter climate we enjoy in Wales

Carrot Chitting

Reading my 1943 gardening book I came across this piece which I've paraphrased a little, something I may try.

Mowing, Onions, Greenhouse & Cat Fight

Repaired mower working a treat, growing show onions, greenhouse producing well and breaking up a cat fight at an unearthly hour.

War Time Gardening

Some thoughts on war-time gardening, garden machinery repaired at more expense and what's wrong with child labour?

Onions Doing Well, Tomatoes & Machinery

Brilliant onions from old trick, tomatoes in extra large grobags and more machinery blues. Strimmer dies again and lawnmower becomes ill in sympathy.

Heatwave Gardening

Reminded of Spain by the heatwave, getting a last sowing of carrots in and some salads. Keeping the cats off.

Greenhouse Floor, Potting on & Sideshooting Tomatoes

Finished the greenhouse floor, potted on peppers and clarifying how to sideshoot tomatoes, I hope.

Weather, Machines & Harvest Help

Never mind the forecast, my system works! Machinery goes on strike and help with the harvest from my grandson.

Grass & Greenhouse

Building an edging to the greenhouse border, grass cutting mulching behind the greenhouse and potting on peppers, cucumbers and aubergine.

Potatoes, Weeds & Aminopyralid

Beware - Aminopyralid is still about. Mulching with grass and potato mystery solved.

Filling the Greenhouse

Stocking the new greenhouse, lucky tomato buy and expanding the herb garden

New Greenhouse Up, New Hand Tool

The new greenhouse is officially finished, apart from the floor and Val's finding a new tool useful in the border

Replacement Greenhouse

Replacement greenhouse finally taking shape and a new wall going up

Ant Problems, Snails & Slugs

How to get rid of ants on the plot and in the house along with some tips for keeping slugs and snails down.

Walled Kitchen Garden

Creating a new walled kitchen garden to serve a hotel kitchen based on the great walled kitchen gardens of the past so popular with the Victorian landed gentry.

Sprout it

Trying out some new software designed to tell you what to do and when to do it on the plot

Machines, Mulching & Bracken Compost

Mulching with grass cuttings, getting the petrol strimmer going and making compost with bracken.

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