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Worm Composting

Worm composting has been around for many years but its become more popular in the last few. Partially because the worm compost and leachate is so good for the plants and  partially because some people have found they can make a few pounds supplying anglers with worms.

I’ve never actually gone in for it myself, all our kitchen waste (except meat and bones) goes onto the general compost heap. Mind you, there are that many brandling worms in our compost bins that they’re almost worm compost heaps in themselves.

As happens with the amazing internet, I met a chap from New Zealand who has one of, if not the top, worm farming web sites. Like this site he gets thousands of visitors from all over the world with the common interest of keeping hundreds of the wiggly worms turning muck into brass.

Well we were talking about it when he kindly offered me some articles for this web site. So now we have 14 articles on the subject of worm composting.

Just like gardening and ordinary compost making, the basic concepts are quite simple and straightforward. Pop some worms into a box with some bedding material, add kitchen waste and collect one of nature’s finest garden fertilisers.

Of course, it’s never that simple, especially until you develop an understanding and feel for what’s going on. For example should you aerate worm compost as you should for ordinary garden compost? What to do when you get flies in the compost?

If you decide you want to get into worm composting then take a look at the articles here: Worm Composting

Incidentally if you are looking for a worm composter then we have those, full kits and even just the worms by themselves in the allotment shop – Wormeries.

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