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Super Sarpo Seed Potato Offer

I’ve been growing Sarpo potatoes for 15 years now. They’re high-yielding, easy and above all blight resistant varieties. One bad blight year, the only potatoes still thriving on the entire allotment site was my Sarpo Mira crop.

Harvesting Sarpo Mira Potatoes

Harvesting Sarpo Mira Potatoes – September 2005

Perfect for organic growers with blight resistance built in – no sprays needed. Sarpo Mira seem to be unaffected by slugs and worm as well and they’re a real thug. So vigorous they suppress weeds whilst producing big yields of large potatoes that store well.

Over the years since Sarpo Mira became available, other Sarpo varieties have been introduced including Sarpo Una, a waxy second early variety that is an ideal salad potato but can be grown on as a baker.

Tastes Vary

Often people ask which variety they should grow. It’s difficult to answer as tastes vary and different soils and climate conditions affect crops. The answer is to try a range and see what you think.

I discussed this a few years ago with Dr David Shaw, research director of the Savari Research Trust who introduced Sarpo to the UK. Sarpo potatoes are now retailed by potato specialist grower Andrew Skea in Scotland from their Potato House web site. They’re offering a Sarpo Variety Pack

The Sarpo Variety Pack Offer

5 nets of 6 seed tubers (30 in total) each giving a spread from second early to late main crop. Normally the nets are £4.95 each but if you buy 5 nets they’re discounted to just £3.95 per net. This is further reduced to £17.75 for the trial pack. Save more by using the special voucher code from the newsletter, you can get the trial pack for just £14.75!

  • The price includes Delivery to England, Scotland & Wales
  • Offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn if stocks are sold out.
  • Offer cannot be combined with other offers on the Potato House web site.

Details of the Sarpo Offer

6 Tubers of each:

Sarpo Blue Danube Potatoes

Sarpo Blue Danube Potatoes

Sarpo Mira – the first Sarpo to be listed, it’s never failed me yet. Very dense flesh which we find ideal for dishes like Potatoes Dauphinoise or Potatoes Boulangeres. Add milk and butter for a great comforting mash

Sarpo Axona – a redskinned, floury potato, nearly as vigorous and blight-resistant as Mira but less dense. There’s a great recipe from the Scottish Borders that it’s ideal for called Rumbledethumps on the Potato House Site.

Sarpo Blue Danube – an early maincrop with a blue skin but floury white flesh. Great for roast potatoes and chips.

Sarpo Kifli – an early main crop waxy potato that is ideal as a salad potato or just boiled with a knob of butter melted over. Similar to Charlotte but with the Sarpo blight resistance.

Sarpo Una – second early, versatile waxy potato. Harvest as a salad potato or leave to grow on for a heavier crop with larger tubers ideal for baking.

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Don’t forget – save on the offer with the voucher code from the newsletter!

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6 comments on “Super Sarpo Seed Potato Offer
  1. Rosemary says:

    Sarpo mira are unavailable in Canada. Could you sell the seeds for this potato, not tubers but actual seeds from the sarpo mira plant flowers?

    Thank you for your response.


  2. Rosemary says:

    Hello John:

    Thanks for the advice and the
    Sarpo link.

    Happy New Year and Abundant Harvests!


  3. John Harrison says:

    Mira and Axona are maincrop – the rest as detailed in this post. Follow the link to information on growing potatoes to answer the rest of your question.

  4. Fiona says:

    Just saying hi
    .a lot of good info on here..didn’t know there was any such thing a blue spuds..ha.how lovely..Happy Gardening for 2021..fiona cosgrove
    Aylmer allotments.

  5. Catherine says:

    Just ordered mine thanks for the voucher code

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