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Green Manure to Confuse Potato Eelworm

Green Manure

Escaped the computer late afternoon and gave the lawn a cut. The recent rain has done it a power of good and it was threatening to become a meadow so it took a little longer than usual. Gave it a feed with Phostrogen after, lawns are expected to just grow and grow but it amazes me how people don’t feed them and wonder why they look worse each year.

Down to the plot taking the grass for the compost bin and then onto plot 5 where I ran the Merry Tiller over the patch where the potatoes were. This involved a quick trip to Sainsbury’s who sell 4 star petrol and fuelling the rotovator. I was surprised how many potatoes turned up that I must have missed when harvesting. Unfortunately, most were cut into by the tiller, still got a couple of pounds of good potatoes though.

Roughly raked the soil after, scattered some pelleted chicken manure fertiliser and sowed white mustard as a green manure, This is fast growing and very easy plant will produce a mass of compost material, suppress weed growth and, I have read, reduce potato eel worm by confusing them into breeding at the wrong time.

Lightly raked over again, gave it a good watering and it was time to head home. Just one more task, pinch a lettuce off Larry’s plot (I had asked) as I haven’t got any,

Did discover I have more strawberries on plot 29 – donated some to the young lady from plot 28. Think she liked them by her smile.

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