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More Paraffin for the Greenhouse, Arran Pliot and Nadine Potatoes

Freezing weather continues

I know many people who keep allotments are ‘morning people’, but not me. I tend to wake up at night and mornings are just not my best time. So there I was at 1am this morning, out in the greenhouse putting the paraffin heater up to full.

The neighbours are probably convinced that I’m not all there, but it was a good job I did. At 10am the thermometer on the shed wall was reading minus 5. That’s on the north facing wall where the sun doesn’t hit.

The greenhouse was in the sunlight and already heading up to 20 degrees , so I turned the heater off. The minimum in the night had been plus 4 when the outside temperature was minus 6.2.

Today it seems to have hardly twitched above freezing outside.

More Potatoes

Down to the allotment shed this morning for another 2 gallons of paraffin. I really don’t think I can risk being without in this weather.

While I was there I asked for some Lady Christi – an extra early variety – that Larry fancied trying in his polytunnel but they were all gone. Anyway, asked if they could sell me some small quantity of Arran Pilot (first early) and Nadine (second early).

Offered a kilo at ?1.00 per, not a bad price, but I was more than a little miffed to discover I had 800 grams and 900 grams respectively. It’s not on really.

When I put them upstairs to chit with the others, I was pleased to see the Anya have started to sprout already.


Took a look at the onion seed trays while I was at it. Can’t say I’m overjoyed at the results so far. The Bedfordshire Champion have yet to pop a seedling above the soil. I’ll give them a few days before I start legal proceedings against the seed merchant.

Greenhouse building

Larry popped round at midday and I gave him the bad news regarding his potatoes.

The plan for the afternoon was to start building the greenhouse on the plot. I’ve got the wooden beams to make a base but they need cutting down to size. I used to have a bow saw, quite a good one as well. Finally realised that the last time I remember seeing it was before we moved to the Isle of Man.

So after lunch and Gardeners Question Time it was down to the shops to buy a bow saw. Val came with me and wanted to pop in a couple of places so we got back at 4pm. The bow saw was from my first choice of shop, visited second – Wickes – and cost 6.98.

Since the light was going and it was freezing decided it could wait a day or two and a bit of a slob out in front of the telly was called for.

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