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Finished Digging, Article on Daylength

Digging All Done!

Down to the plot just after one equipped with a flask of coffee and determination. Finally finished the digging over at 5.15pm The sun had set and I was thinking I might need to dig by torchlight to finish it.

It was quite busy on the site, the wonderful sunny day may have helped even if it was pretty cold. Mind you, digging keeps you pretty warm so I was shedding layers until I stopped working then putting them back on again.

On the Site

Larry was around as was Tony H. He was busy sorting his deep bed, laying weed suppressant on the bases. Not so sure that will completely cure his weed problems.

Mick, his brother and Emma turned up followed by a huge flash looking tractor with a trailer. 10 tonnes of finest quality topsoil for their deep beds. Seems a bit of a cheat buying in soil to me!

They all went off by 4pm – part timers! leaving me on my own with the site. There was a robin about, but he was a bit skitty compared to the one I normally see.

New Article – Day Length

Talking of sunsets, I was told by an NVS grower that 14 hours day length was optimum for onions. I thought I’d look up day length on the web but couldn’t find a chart. I did find sunrise and sunset times so put one together myself. The article on day length is here

It’s quite incredible when you look at the internet. The chart information (sunrise and sunset) was taken from an American naval site. You can get the information for any place on the globe. I then copied that into a spreadsheet and needed to convert from text into time formats. Yet more google and the information was at hand.

Although I work with the web, I’m still impressed by it.

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