Missing Seeds, Turnips, Radish and Early Nantes Carrots

Found the Seeds!

As you may have gathered, I had this nagging feeling that I was missing some seeds and I was. Just as I was leaving for the plot, I happened to look behind some junk in the garage and there they were. I’m getting like that computer in 2001, ‘My mind is going, Dave. I can feel it’

So now I can review my seeds order to take account of those I already have and start putting them in order for sowing. I’ve got one of those portable filing cabinet box things and by dropping the packets in the files in date order I can avoid forgetting to sow things and cope with successional sowings more easily.

I’ve found enough turnips, radish and Early Nantes2 carrots to knock those off the list. I won’t repost the amended list – it’s a lot of work turning a spreadsheet into a web page as Excel adds in lots of Microsoft code, which you need to strip out.

I didn’t list my Japanese veggies either. Making head or tail of the instructions is interesting.

On the subject of seeds, I also read a couple more catalogues with breakfast. Curses!! I could have got the garlic I wanted from Dobies at a reasonable price. I’m really spoilt for choice. Actually, Dobies look pretty good and their prices are very keen.

To the Plot

After al this excitement, it was nice to get onto the site early afternoon. I’m not a morning person but there is so little with these early nights. I think I’ll have to get moving earlier in the day to get everything done before spring arrives. I think the others must be morning people as the site was empty apart from me and a fat pigeon watching from the power lines all afternoon.

First job was to top up the leafmould cages, which have sunk down a little. About three barrow loads in each. I put the leaves into a large garden carry bag then heave them over into the cage in one go. It keeps me clean(ish) as well. Sometimes I come back from the plot looking like the boy in the Persil advert.

Next I dug up some leeks and parsnips for my sister who we are off to see tomorrow. I’ll print out some of the Granny Dumplin recipes for them. I’m continually amazed by how good they are but then again, Granny was a top chef.

Having trimmed the leeks, I decided to tidy up the compost bin area on plot 5 a little. There was a mound of turkey litter that had fallen from the side so started to clear that up and slipped in the mud. No I didn’t get dirty but I did manage to get my face into the nettles that reach through the fence from the woodland. It may be winter but they still sting. So attacked them back as well and rained curses down upon them.

Having given the compost bin the leek trimming.  nettles and turkey litter, I added a lttle urea to get it going. Not the best time of year for a compost heap but the wood chippings are still hot and steaming so worth a try. Covered the heap and then hoed around the comfrey bed. There aren’t any weeds but I wanted to mix the turkey litter mulch into the top soil a bit before I lime it next week.

To plot 29

Using some small planks and the metal poles from the defunct growhouses, I started adding a border between the beds and the chipping paths. This will stop the chippings from spreading to the bed and the soil from the bed to the paths.

I thought about starting to dig over one bed but the soil is still wet so I leveled out one of the deep beds. I may put some garlic into it as I’m beginning to panic about being so late with it. Mind you, the wisdom seems to be that I am OK until February so I don’t know why.

Packed up and left just after four o’clock as it was starting to go dark.

Who said there was nothing to do on an allotment in winter? Probably some smart alec who has his jobs done in good time!

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