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Tidying Up The Plot

Tidying Up the Plot

It’s still really cold and where the sun has melted the frost, really wet and sticky. You can see from the photo that the frost has lingered where the sun hasn’t hit.

First job was to take down the growhouses by the shed on plot 5. The polythene has had it but I may find a use for the frames, so they were put into storage in the shed.

One thing I love about allotments is the way everything gets recycled. Hardly anyone has a new shed or greenhouse, they’re all second hand if not tenth hand. Pallets become sides of compost heaps or even deep beds with a little work. Milk containers become ‘bricks’ when filled with water and old barrels become water butts.

Not only is the food produced ecologically sound (lack of food miles etc) but the site re-uses what would otherwise become landfill.  It strikes me that allotments and especially urban allotments, can serve a very useful purpose to the whole community.

Next was more carting of leaves into the cage on plot 29. I reckon another 6 barrow loads will finish the job and then I will start filling the cage on plot 5.

Because the leaves are sucked up from the roadside, there’s quite a lot of litter – plastic bottles and suchlike – as well as pretty dirty grit. The grit is good for the soil (well that’s my theory) but I ended up filthy. Mainly because I’m lifting the leaves by hand into the top of the cage. Maybe I can get a job on a Persil advert – ‘It’s not dirt – it’s allotmenteering’.

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