Turkey Litter Manure

The Turkey Manure Mountain

Despite still aching from yesterday, back to the site to enjoy the great weather. So warm it is like summer.

On arrival I was greeted by a mountain of turkey litter which the chap from plot 30 organises to be dropped occasionally. Picture here

According to this site Broiler or Turkey litter is 60% dry matter with 30% nitrogen. So it should be good for the soil. It does seem to break up the clay but I suspect the shavings content uses up the nitrogen and causes a deficiency as the onion bed on plot 29 showed some signs of that.

So, about 8 barrowloads onto plot 5’s potato bed to be and a couple of barrow loads round the comfrey plants, which are just starting to show. Comfrey will accept high nitrogen manures better than nearly anything.

Neighbour Tony from plot 4 used the new rotovator on his other plot and I got a fine tilth on the legume bed on plot 29 with the mantis. To be honest, I wasn’t up to wrestling 4 horses today.

Sun setting it got cool so away home

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