Sowing Runner, French and Kenya Beans in Pots

Panic and build an ark!

Not really that bad but nearly – the weekend here has been a washout and the rain has just stopped as I write this on Monday afternoon.

Not so much April showers.. more a Monsoon.

The soil is absolutely sodden and I’m beginning to worry about getting my potatoes in. It’s getting a bit late for them and I’m going to be away in Malta from Thursday for a week. So that leaves Tuesday and Wednesday at best.. if it doesn’t rain more.

I built a 4 tier rack to increase shelf space in the greenhouse. Couple of visits to the DIY, much use of the jigsaw and electric screwdriver gun results in a rack which will also resist a bomb. The 2 middle shelves are removeable so I can stack peppers on the base and still have the top shelf for something else.

So to some sowing in pots….

The bean family.

  • French Bean, Tender Crop (Dwarf)
  • French Bean, Canadian Wonder (Dwarf)
  • Climbing French Bean, Blue Lake
  • Climbing French Bean, Cobra
  • Runner Bean, Polestar
  • Runner Bean, Relay
  • Runner Bean, Streamline
  • Kenya Bean, Twiggy (Dwarf)

I’m always a bit wary with beans of frost. We had one here last year on 25th May which killed off the runners so I’m looking to plant out in early June. With the French beans, I’ll plant more directly into the ground in late May / June as well.

Then I sowed 3 Bunyards Exhibition seeds into pots found in a packet – they’ll fit somewhere if they germinate.

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