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Happy New Year

First of all let me wish you a Happy New Year!

I love this time of year, the days are getting longer, albeit slowly. I know the bulk and maybe the worst of winter is yet to come but the days getting longer promise that spring is on the way.

I know it’s traditional to come up with resolutions, usually for self improvement, at this time of year. These are mostly forgotten by the end of the month if not the end of the week. I will try to keep up with my diary a bit more though. The problem is that a good hard day on the plot leaves me tired so I put off jotting things down and then they don’t get written down at all. Oh well, can but try.

I am planning on getting more writing done this year both for the web site and for book publication. I’ve a few ideas and have been making loads of notes. My hobby of reading old gardening books and magazines has actually been valuable. Ideas that seem to have been forgotten but are very effective like adding salt and soot to an onion bed.

New Year’s Day has not been one for outdoors, rain and strong winds gusting up to 60mph at times. Happily the greenhouse seems to have survived, so the improvements to it have not been in vain.

I finally have the feeling we’re winning here. There’s not a lot to do outside in the way of growing in January but I’ve got a lot of indoor jobs to get done including some partition walls to construct in the cow-shed. It should keep me busy until the season gets going.

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