Topsy Turvey Tomatoes Planter

Tomato PlanterI’ve grown tomatoes in grow bags, hanging baskets, pots and borders. I’ve even heard about growing tomatoes in straw bales but this is a completely new one to me.

TwoWests have introduced the Topsy Turvy Upside Down Planter into their range. This planter can be hung in your greenhouse, your polytunnel or even outdoors like a hanging basket. Each planter will hold one tomato plant and lets the plant grow downwards. In this way your plant puts all its energy into producing massive roots and bumper crops rather than struggling to grow upright.

They claim “It’s the easiest way for you to grow healthy tomato plants and it’s the easiest way for your tomato plants to produce bumper crops.”

The theory is that the tomatoes grow down rather up so by not having to use energy to grow upright they put more energy into growing a healthy root system and give you maximum crops. This makes sense to me as tomatoes naturally want to spread along the ground and it’s our tying them to stakes that makes them grow upright.

TwoWests state “Growing tomato plants in these planters has been found to produce crops at least two weeks quicker than standard growing methods.” which has to be a bonus in our growing season.

The question that comes to mind is “Why don’t the plants fall out?” – apparently there is a foam clamp that gently but firmly holds the plant in place and keeps the compost where it should be. There is even a system to ensure easy watering and even distribution of the water in the container.

It’s re-usable, of course, and comes complete with strong steel hanging wires, swivel and hanging hook.

I’ve ordered one and look forward to reporting on its performance shortly.


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One comment on “Topsy Turvey Tomatoes Planter
  1. paulette patterson says:

    what is the best tomatoe to use in the up side down planting system. Someone told me early girl was the best type to use in these systems. What do you suggest. thanks p.p.

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