Gotcha! Vandals on Camera

Stop Press News!

Stop press news from the allotment. Larry asked me if I’d seen anything unusual on the site yesterday, which I hadn’t. Someone had been messing in his polytunnel and when we did a site walk round, there were a few other bits of damage. Nothing great, just annoying little things like a broken sign on plot 8.

Anyway, he came round this evening with photographs of the little sods what done it. 2 boys, maybe around 10. One of the locals obviously has a rather nice camera with a long lens, so Larry is popping down to the police tomorrow. Apparently they lock the station in Crewe at nights. Well you can’t be to careful, some of these criminal types can cut up rough. Well, to be fair, it’s probably a cost saving measure.

I’d like to have put their pictures on here but to be honest, I’m not sure of the legality. I do know that it’s a shame public flogging, hanging drawing and quartering, burning at the stake and the stocks have been abandoned. No wonder there’s a crime wave.

I’ll keep you posted, don’t be surprised if you see the little tykes on the TV news along with senior police officers offering a reward of a marrow for information leading to their apprehension.

Photo Shoot on the Allotment

We don’t just take photographs of miscreants on the plot. Today was my photo shoot for the newspaper. You know you’re getting older when the university educated photographers look young. Anyway, he had me posing here there and everywhere. When he said “pout for me baby” I explained I don’t do glamour. I was a little disappointed that he arrived at the house without a stretched limo, but we managed to walk the 200 yards without me being mobbed by fans. Good job too as the minders are having a year off.

I did the interview on the phone in the morning. I did ask what the fee was and about syndication rights for Hello magazine but apparently I need an agent, so no million pound fee.

Planting Potatoes

Back to reality in the afternoon, dropped back onto the plot since the weather was still sunny, despite the weatherman’s dire warnings of torrential rain. I thought I might have chance to run the rotovator over the large bed on plot 29 and I did. Ran over it about three times and it’s lovely. Give it a day or so to settle down and I’ll be able to start sowing. Beans & peas for this bed.

Since the sun continued to shine, I continued on the plot and got the rest of the potatoes planted. 4 rows of Sarpo Mira. Even if the dread blight strikes then we’ll still have some potatoes. That’s all the potatoes in now. I was quite surprised how much of the plot was taken up. It’s funny how the raised beds seem to have made it much smaller.

Strawberry Barrel

On little, well not so little, space saver I’ve gone for is a large strawberry barrel. I had some birthday money left over and decided to put it towards the barrel. Strawberries are my favourite fruit, especially in Val’s conserve. In fact I might get a second barrel next year. It’s a lot of fruit in a little space. My new strawberry barrel – more when it arrives.

I’ve still got a lot to go in, brassicas, alliums and cucurbits, not to forget outdoor tomatoes. Must do some serious planning. It’s always the same, you start by wondering how you’re going to fill the ground and end up by wondering how everything is going to fit in.

Nearly forgot, I had a lovely compliment about the book from a certain lady on the plot. She said it was obviously well researched and she liked it. The reason it meant a lot was not just that she’s a good gardener and has an excellent organically managed plot, but that I also know she’d not hesitate to rip it apart and tell me straight if she didn’t like it. Or maybe she was feeling merciful.

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2 comments on “Gotcha! Vandals on Camera
  1. anne barley says:

    hi John

    found some irridescent blue /green/yellow beetles eating dock leaves on my new plot which i am cultivating bit by bit . I didn’t think anything ate docks ,any ideas what type of beetle they might be and if anything else is at risk .I’ve got raspberries ,sweet peas ,tayberry and blueberries which all seemed free from attack so far. The dock leaves were reduced to lace leaves

    best wishes Anne

  2. John says:

    Hi Anne, not a clue I’m afraid. Anything eating docks can’t be all bad though! Try asking on the forums, you could post a picture as well there.

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