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New articles on the web site

Well it’s over a week now since the cataract operation and I’m happy to say the eye is looking a lot better. The blood red is replaced by white again and the vision is clear.  Still a little irritation at times, as if a bit of grit has got in there, but not bad enough to really complain about.

However, just in case I thought I was getting away with it, both Val and me have come down with a rotten cold which we suspect was a pressie from our Grandson. We forgot that kids bring every bug that’s going around home.

I’ve been unable to go out for a week with the eye, let alone do any gardening which is making me a little stir-crazy. Mind you, when the wind is howling and the rain lashing down, I wouldn’t get much done anyway.

Being stuck indoors isn’t all bad, I’ve added another 20 odd pages to the site under the general growing articles section. I’ve taken the opportunity to update older articles and split Weed Control – Horse or Mare’s Tail – Equisetum Arvense out from Weed Control – Nettle, Dock Leaves, Dandelion, Bindweed, Couch or Twitch Grass on the basis that Marestail is the one weed I’m asked about most. Happily there is an effective control available for it now.

The only problem is that the effective chemical was developed as a broad spectrum herbicide for use with genetically modified crops. Now call me a conspiracy nut if you like, but I find it very curious that the simple, effective Amcide was de-listed as a herbicide but along comes this ‘ideal for use with GM crops’ replacement.

It’s almost as if the big companies are putting their pieces in place ready for the inevitable approval of GM crops in Europe. I’m not anti-progress and can see many benefits from GM crops but also some serious risks. Regardless of what I think, the majority of people in the EU do not want GM crops. Yet the pieces keep falling into place.

I thought a democracy was run by elected officials but certainly with the agro-business companies and regulatory bodies there’s a feeling of them doing what they think is best regardless of what we want and or elected members of parliament rarely seem to have a clue on the topic.

Even when members of parliament are informed, who is going to inform them? The big chemical companies and the regulatory departments. Hmmm.

Back on track – added back the articles on sausage making which were slightly updated.

Still got a lot to do on the site upgrade but I can see light at the end of the tunnel now. Fingers crossed it will be near finished by the end of the month. If you notice any errors, please do let me know.

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4 comments on “New articles on the web site
  1. Andy Mahoney says:

    Hi John,

    First off I took your advise on Glyphosate last year and it was the best advice ever. My ground elder is gone and gone for good (Hopefully) Got right down into the rhizome network and rotted the lot out.

    Secondly, I just read a book (Have all yours by the way!) by Victor Osborne, Allotment Diary… Have been trying to track the guy down to an email address but have gotten nowhere? Do you know of him? He did write an article for the Daily Telegraph back in the day?

    Hope you can help and glad to hear the surgery went well

  2. Snowdrops says:

    Good to hear the op went well,at least it was in the no grow season so when conditions are right you will be able to get back out there with perfect vision.will go now & check out what I can use to get rid of all that lovely horse tail I inherited.thank you once again for a wonderful site.

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