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More Food Articles and New in the Shop

The weather has been pretty hit and miss so we’ve been busy on the web site when not turning the kitchen into a food processing facility!

I’ve upgraded the seeds and plants section of the web site . It’s been up for a while now and the first section  completed was the Fruit Trees, Fruit Bushes and Nut Trees

The idea is that you can compare between different suppliers. The vegetable seeds and Award of Garden Merit vegetable seeds section has had its facelift so I’m busy checking I’ve got the new introductions and removing those dropped from the catalogues. It’s a lot of work but I think it’s useful.

Val’s written some more articles for the Allotment Food section. There’s some that complement the existing articles on making jam. Fruit Butters and Cheeses – Making Fruit Butters and Cheeses at Home covers these traditional preserves. Fruit Curds – Making Fruit Curds at Home the general method of making fruit curds. I love lemon curd but there are lots of other suitable fruits.

The last addition to this section is Making Marmalade – General Methods for Thick and Jelly Marmalades. The traditional breakfast preserve tastes so much better when you make it yourself than the ones you buy in the shop.

The last article in this week’s crop is  Cottage Cheese – Making Your Own Cottage or Curd Cheese at Home This is far easier than you might think and the result is well worth it. Very different to the cottage cheese you get in the shop, more granular is the best way I can think to explain.  Why not invest half an hour and a pint of milk and try it?


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August 2022

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