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Greenhouse Finished (Basically!)

I’d love to say the greenhouse is 100% finished but there are still a few bits left as you’ll see. I’ve a couple of metal clip things (I’m sure there’s some technical name for them) which I couldn’t figure out where to put. Happily Vitavia emailed me a photo to clarify the instructions so hopefully I can retrofit them on. We’ve also got a handle to go on the door and that will be all the bits used.

We did have one real setback, I picked up a piece of glass for the roof and it just dissolved into a million pieces. Not a clue as to why, didn’t bang it into anything or knock it. It just shattered. Anyway, rang Greenhouse Stores morning and explained what had happened. Since glass is a nightmare to deliver, many delivery firms just refuse point blank, we’ve ordered a replacement locally. But it’s going to take a week to be ready for collection. Apparently toughened glass cannot be cut so they cut a piece of ordinary float glass to size and temper it. So we can fill the hole in the roof and make it wind-tight, UK Greenhouse are posted me a polycarbonate sheet which I can fit as a temporary measure.

I’ve also got some staging to go inside from Vitavia. Very swish, matching green staging to the framework. I brought my folding greenhouse shelf with me when we moved so that will be going up, even if it is plain silver aluminium. Slight problem in that I can’t find my crophead nuts to fix it up with so I ordered a bag from ebay.

Next to go in is my slimline water butt which will give me a store of 100 litres of water at greenhouse air temperature. Water straight from the tap is pretty cold, usually just 5 degrees, and using it on seedlings can really shock them and cool the growing medium. There’s little point in starting seedlings off in a propagator, keeping them at around 18 degrees and giving them a cold shower each day.

Talking of propagators, I need to run an extension cable into the greenhouse for them. If we took the power directly, I’m pretty sure I’d need a qualified electrician and armoured cable and suchlike. However we’ve an outside weatherproof electric socket just a few yards from the greenhouse. If I plug a lead into that, perfectly legal. Since the lead will be there most of the time and in an area that gets walked on, I’ll run it through some water pipe to protect it.

Overall it’s been a much bigger job than I thought, not helped by my having a rotten cold which slows me down. When you look at the sheer number of bits to bolt together, bead to push onto the metal, clips to hold the glass in place – we’ve not done such a bad job.

I’m really looking forward to growing in it now, my first new greenhouse!




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5 comments on “Greenhouse Finished (Basically!)
  1. Cicely says:

    Its lovely! Hope we’ll get a pic of it full and productive. Wish I had one. Mine is v old and lacking rather a lot of glass.

  2. Duncan Robinson says:

    I have 2 greenhouses on my allotment in Middleton, near Manchester; one a 6tf x 10ft with border soil and the other a 6ft x 8ft with flagging. Both greenhouses are south facing; the one with flagging keeps virtually frost free in a mild winter with some bubble wrap or fleece lining. I use the flagged greenhouse for seedlings and propagation in late winter/spring and for aubergines, cucumbers or tomatoes in summer; the border soil greenhouse is for tomatoes or melons; it loses heat quicker than the flagged greenhouse at night, but warms up quicker to a higher temperature in summer.
    Bye the way John; I have recent bought an ‘Access’ cold frame 10ft x 4ft x 2 and a half ft; with toughened glass for safety; another person on our allotmnent site has had one for 20 years and they have a 20 year frame guarantee; ideal for bush tomatoes, salads, melons, over wintering lettuce, etc.

  3. Cathy says:

    Wow John, I have a very large case of greenhouse envy!

  4. Hi John

    I’m very pleased you like your Vitavia Jupiter greenhouse. It looks like you’ve done a splendid job, especially having had a cold. I hope it’s bolted down securely being on top of a hill in such a windy spot!

    Your greenhouse assembly blog is a very useful insight and we’ll certainly look into producing online assembly videos to benefit our customers as per your recommendation. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and therefore any tips for ways in which we can enhance our offering are always gratefully received.

    Here’s to many years of happy growing

    Kind regards


    John Hutchinson
    Business Development Director
    Vitavia Garden Products Ltd
    01473 218 100

  5. Matt says:

    Hi John

    Great to see you’ve finally got the greenhouse operational Sir ! It will get a thorough weather test at your place that’s for sure ! We recommend the Vitavia Jupiter to serious gardeners who want a super solid greenhouse that can stand the worst of weather.
    See the Vitavia Greenhouse range at UK Greenhouse Sales


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