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Worm Composting Wormery

New in the TwoWests Catalogue is this Wiggly Wigglers Composting Wormery. Gardeners have known for many years that worm casts make a wonderful growing medium but who nowadays has time to harvest wormcasts from a close cut lawn?

worm composterThe first worm composters became available some years ago now but they were cumbersome and complicated. Like many things, it’s all been made simple and easy so now you can find a spot in the garden, set up your worm compost maker from a kit, add kitchen waste at the top and collect wonderful compost, liquid feed and even bait if there is a fishing enthusiast in the family.

This compact Composting Wormery has been developed to make high quality compost quickly, easily, cleanly & as naturally as possible & is supplied complete with everything you’ll need – except the kitchen waste! – to start composting straight away – it couldn’t be simpler!

The kit is made from recycled black plastic, which is environmentally friendly and is just 29" (73cm) high and 20" (48cm) in diameter so it doesn’t take a lot of space in the garden, The womery kit comes with full insturctions and 1,000 British composting worms. Apparently these worms eat half their own body weight a day they are natures fastest composters. By continually eating through the new waste they reduce the build up of unpleasant odours usually associated with traditional composting methods.

Even better, as long as you keep adding kitchen waste to your worm composter, you won’t run out of worms they’ll just reproduce in there.

For more information see Worm Composter at Two Wests & Elliotts

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