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Back Pain Sorted!

Since Tuesday it’s done nothing but rain. Wednesday was awful and Thursday not much better. As I write, it’s only light rain and heavy grey cloud. At least there’s no shortage of water in Wales! It was that cold and damp yesterday that I gave in,  put the heating on and lit the woodburner. If nothing else, driving the damp out made it feel better.

It didn’t make a lot of difference to my getting any work done on the plot. After trailing around the county show in Anglesey my leg was really playing up. On Wednesday morning I could hardly walk but it’s eased off now. Not 100% but maybe 80% of normal if you can put a figure on it.

Back Aches and Pain

I’ve had some kind comments and emails from people concerned about my back problem. A few years back I started getting some sciatica after humping a load of compost. Since then it’s been one of those things that comes and goes. Part of the joy of getting older, I suppose.

A pal who had suffered a serious back injury showed me an exercise that helps me no end; this is not medical advice, just something that worked for me. I get on all fours and then stretch out my left leg and right arm. Hold as long as I can and then stretch out my right leg and left arm. It seems to straighten the spine or something. Anyway, it eases off the sciatica

After we moved I decided to treat myself to a new mattress. The old one was a cheap job that had, after 10 years, become quite lumpy and uncomfortable. So off to the shops and I bought a good quality orthopaedic mattress.

Well since then I’ve not really had a decent night’s sleep. After spending well over £100 I was loathe to admit it wasn’t right and thought I’d get used to it. After all, an orthopaedic mattress is supposed to be good for your back.

Since I strained my back it’s become much worse. When I awoke all my back was cramped and it was really painful until it relaxed. I mean dreading getting up painful. Anyway, I decided I’d just have to admit it was wrong for me and buy another one. Rather than another expensive orthopaedic mattress I decided to just buy a cheap one. After all, the cheap one had served me well for 10 years.

I happened to mention this to my Mum who, as Mums do, had the answer. She suggested I get a mattress topper. Val ordered one off Amazon for just £17 and we duly put it on the bed. I must admit to having little faith it would make a difference but I was wrong.

I had the best night’s sleep since we moved and by the second morning there was no cramping or pain whatsoever.

I actually felt refreshed in the morning rather than half dead! Sleeping for less time but much better. Thanks to Mum’s sound advice. I just wish I’d bought a topper rather than the new mattress in the first place.

So to those kind commenters and emailers, don’t worry – I’m nearly back on form and expect the leg muscle strain to be gone tomorrow. Just hope the rain is.

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3 comments on “Back Pain Sorted!
  1. Nick says:

    Glad things are looking better. You really cant beat Mums advice sometimes, however old you are 😉

    That exercise sounds similiar to some of the pilates the other half does.

  2. lesley says:

    that’s exactly what I did, when I bought a new bed LOL….only to go and buy a foam topper a few weeks later!

    The ortho bed is better for you but means you can put pressure on your joints. The topper just gives you a bit of padding where it’s needed, and makes all the difference to sleeping well or not.

    I also found a v pillow helpful as it supports my shoulders/back when I lay on my side, so stops me twisting and agravating my lower back

  3. John says:

    Can’t express the difference a good night’s sleep makes. Makes the world a better place!

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