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I went down to the plot this afternoon and was told the sad news that Pete Pimley had passed away. He gave up his plot earlier this year after being diagnosed with prostrate cancer but continued to come down and help out on his neighbour’s plot.

I can’t say I knew him well, just another plot holder really. He was good grower and kept a decent plot . Always had a smile and was friendly, ready to lend a hand.

Anyway, he’ll be missed. It was a privilege to know you, Pete.

The last couple of days the house has been more like a food processing plant. I’ve brought back about 50 nice sweetcorn cobs which have all been blanched stripped and frozen as quickly as possible. This involves a large pan of boiling water plus three pans of cooling water and trying to convince the cats that I’m stripping sweetcorn and not prime cuts of meat.

Meanwhile Val’s been making cheese and testing out various things for a new set of articles she’s writing for the site. More on those soon.

The only problem with the sweetcorn has been making room for it. We have three freezers so you’d think space wouldn’t be a problem but we needed to tidy up and move last year’s corn downstairs so we use things in the right order.

So whilst sorting I might as well defrost the freezer. Didn’t realise with it being so full how frosted it was. Took three hours to defrost!

They’re promising a nice day tomorrow so I hope to get some weeding done on plot 5 before Larry gets me an ASBO!  Only problem is that I’ve managed to pull a muscle in my back. Not a clue how I’ve done it but it doesn’t half hurt. Perhaps some healthy exercise will work the kinks out.

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