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Three of our Bestsellers for only £25.50 – a saving of over 20%! The Dig for Victory Monthly Guides, Vegetable Growing Month by Month, How to Store Your Own Produce, 12 Packs of Suttons Seeds (worth over £25.00), PLUS Wartime Replica Leaflets and FREE Delivery!

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It is time to get your growing off to a good start with our New Year Book Special. Available only during January 2022.

It is time to get planning for 2022 and our super New Year Book Special will help you on your way. Learn how to grow and store your own vegetables plus get yourself off to a good start with 12 packs of Suttons Seeds included too!

The bundle includes the following books:

Dig For Victory Book CoverDig For Victory Monthly Guides £12.99

Most British people have heard of Dig for Victory and recognise the iconic logo of a boot pushing a spade into the soil. The campaign may not have been as dramatic as the military campaigns such as the Dunkirk retreat or the Battle of Britain but it was just as vital to the eventual victory.

Unlike those military campaigns that lasted weeks or months at most, the Dig for Victory campaign ran from start to finish of the war and for some time after. It wasn’t until 1954 that food rationing finally ended.

This government educational campaign has had a massive influence on how we grow vegetables for the last 80 years. These guides from those dark days of the war are often as valid today as they were then.

As a bonus we’re also giving 2 replica growing leaflets showing crop rotation, what to plant and where with each copy!

Vegetable Growing Month by MonthVegetable Growing Month by Month £8.99

New vegetable growers were looking for a simple, straightforward guide, written in plain English, that told them what to do, when to do it and how to do it. This is what I have tried to provide here.

Even if you are not lucky enough to have a large garden or an allotment, you can still grow some vegetables on a patio or even on a balcony. There’s a comprehensive section on growing in containers and pots.

How to Store Your Home Grown ProduceHow to Store Your Home Grown Produce £9.99

This book is aimed at people like us, those who like their own produce but are often busy and short of time. So we show you the quick ways and shortcuts we’ve found work without compromising the quality, or safety, of the food you eat.

It’s not ‘theory’ – it’s a practical guide for those who grow their own on how to store their home grown produce. 186 pages, full colour photographs and diagrams, glossy paper.


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Britain’s greatest allotment authority
Emma Townshend in the
Independent on Sunday

I think it’s just great. Another down to earth book for down to earth people,
teaching not preaching how it’s done.
Mr R W Braker

Forget about any glossy pictures, what’s in this book is solid
words of advice, written in plain to understand English from a grower who’s had
frustrating years of experience behind him in trying to grow nutritious vegetables,
whilst at the same time running a business and raising a family.
Medwyn Williams
Winner of 10 RHS Gold Medals
at Chelsea for vegetables

I’ve never made jams, chutneys etc. before but can’t stop now. This book
makes it so easy. Takes all the fear out of jam making.
Mrs S Collett

An informative book based on lots of practical experience and with loads
of top tips, as well as a wide range of delicious recipes.
C Pickard