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Pigeon Shooting: A Complete Guide by Jon Hutcheon

Pigeon Shooting: A Complete GuideThis comprehensive book is essential reading for all those interested in pigeon shooting, whether for sport or for pest control. It explains shooting over decoys, the control of feral pigeons, shooting around buildings where birds are roosting and the use of shotguns. It also covers in depth pigeon shooting with air rifles and live fire rifles.

Attention is also paid to building hides, gun safety, gun care and the practicalities of shooting. This is the definitive modern guide to pigeon shooting.

Jon Hutcheon has a vast knowledge of the countryside, has participated in most country sports and has been a keen shot for all of his adult life. An enthusiastic conservationist, Jon is an expert rabbit catcher and has a passionate interest in natural history and countryside pursuite.

Jon spends much of his spare time teaching forgotten rural skills and encourages youngsters to become involved in rural activities. He is author of Long Netting and Net Making and The Lurcher, both published by Crowood

Through Amazon you can pick up both new and second hand copies for as little as a penny plus postage.

Amazon Reviews of Pigeon Shooting: A Complete Guide

A great guide to pigeon shooting. Recommended reading.”

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