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Frugal Living for Dummies by Deborah Taylor-Hough

Frugal Living for DummiesBack to basics, home economy. Although in places it can feel a little too “American” for UK readers, that doesn’t take away from the many helpful techniques and tips contained within the book.

The dummies series of books are consistent in style, quality advice delivered in a readable and understandable way. This is no different. Packed with tried-and-true techniques for cutting costs and stopping the insanity.

Frugal Living For Dummies is the ultimate financial survival guide for many of us but look for a second hand copy, so you start as you mean to go on.

Through Amazon you can pick up both new and second hand copies for less than a pound plus postage.

Amazon Reviews of Frugal Living for Dummies:

“This book is indeed a reference for us all. Although this is mainly for the American market , with common sense you can adapt it to the UK way of life. This is on my simple living/frugality shelf of my bookcase and I do refer to it often. It is definetely the go to book and is the basis of frugal living.

Thank you Deborah Taylor-Hough for putting common sense in to a readable format.Using her ideas we are debt free!!!that is a 5* in my opinion. The Tightwad Gazette( also an American author) is also on the shelf with it.

These are easy pick up and read snippets book that have changed my families life for the better. In these economic times any help is welcome and this book is the basis to getting out of debt or not getting in it in the first place.”

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