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Starting With Bees by Peter Gordon

Starting With BeesWritten for those who are new to beekeeping, this book aims to clarify the essential procedures that are associated with the subject.

Step-by-step instructions take the newcomer through each stage, with photographs and illustrations to further clarify the techniques.

This is an essential guide for the beginner during the first few years of beekeeping and exceptional value.

The book assumes no prior knowledge of beekeeping so is great if your are only just thinking about becoming and apiarist. It is also so packed full of helpful information you will find yourself referring back to it time and time again.

Available both new and used from Amazon for as little as a penny plus postage.

Amazon Reviews of Starting With Bees:

“I bought this book when I was considering keeping bees & knew absolutely nothing whatsoever about the subject, not even the principle of a hive. I found it well structured with good explanations, diagrams & photographs & I understood everything as I went along. (I realised afterwards that it was edited by Katie Thear who, in my opinion, does some of the best poultry books.)  

Having since read a couple of other larger & more detailed books on the subject, such as Ted Hooper, I’m sure that I would have been somewhat confused if that’s what I had started with. This book assumes no prior knowledge, introduces the subject in a logical order & goes into quite a lot of detail without getting too technical & offputting.

I have loaned it to a couple of people who have no wish to keep bees but are interested in the subject & also to someone who is on my beekeeping course & was finding it hard to follow. They have also found it very comprehensive. If you’re not sure about beekeeping, read this book first & you will have a pretty good idea whether it’s for you or not.”

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