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Beekeeping – A Practical Guide by Roger Patterson

Beekeeping A Practiccal GuideThe author, Roger Patterson, has been keeping bees since he was 15, back in 1963, a demonstrator and lecturer he is also British Beekeepers Association Trustee.

He became a committee member of his local Beekeepers’ Association (BKA) at the age of 17, chairman at 23 and county chairman at 25. At one stage he kept 130 colonies. He is a practical beekeeper, concentrating on the basics and keeping things simple.

He manages the local BKA apiary where there are usually 20-25 colonies for instruction. He has been a demonstrator and lecturer for well over 35 years, and believes beekeeping should be fun. This chap knows his stuff!

Not only does he have a huge knowledge of beekeeping, he knows how to write in a clear way that makes the complex understandable. His sense of humour keeps popping through which makes this one of the most readable technical books I have ever read.

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Amazon Reviews of Beekeeping – A Practical Guide

Having just finished reading this book I can say that I thought it was probably the best written and most accessible beekeeping book I have read. The author has a very practical approach to beekeeping, as well as a wealth of experience.

This book would be an excellent choice for anyone considering keeping bees, or anyone just starting out. There are more comprehensive books out there, but this book is much more accessible and practical than any other book I’ve come across.”

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