Worm Composting & Farming

Introduction & Guides to Making Worm Compost (Vermiculture & Vermicomposting)

Worm Compost and Compost Worms

In recent years worm composting has become more and more popular. A single worm composting bin can dispose of garden waste and kitchen scraps as well as providing an endless supply of high quality worm compost..

Worm Farming

Some people have taken it a step further and gone into worm farming, supplying worms to angling shops and so forth. It can actually be quite a lucrative business.

Worm compost concentrates goodness, in much the same way that passing grass through the gut of a cow produces high quality manure, those thousands of worms pass your kitchen and garden waste through their gut to make a high quality growing medium and compost supplement.

Nutritional Value of Worm Cast Compost

Worm casts and compost is best used as a first class natural fertilizer, use it sparingly and selectively around the garden - a little goes a very long way! Studies have shown that worms convert organic waste into the best natural fertilizer known - worm compost. It contains from 5 to 11 times the quantity of available "N P K" (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) than the soil the worms consume to produce the cast.

The worms also drastically improve the soil structure. Each worm can convert up to their own weight of waste into worm compost each day.

How to Make Worm Compost

As with any gardening, there are skills and methods to learn if you want to get the best result. A good friend of mine runs a specialist website, Worm Farming Secrets, based on helping people get into worm composting and solving their worm farming problems.

He's kindly allowed me to put these articles on line, which I hope you will find as interesting and helpful as I have. Don't forget you can buy worm composting bins from the allotment shop Worm Composters.

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