Members Recipes

Recipes from visitors to the site and members from the allotment chat forums. If you care enough to grow your own then you care enough to cook well. If you have a recipe you like, why not send it in for everybody to enjoy?


This is adapted from a recipe I found on a BBC website last year. That one doesn't include the whole spices and uses sultanas, but I prefer using the figs as I find they give a better flavour which complements the pears nicely (as do the spices!). If you prefer a less chunky texture, chop everything (including the walnuts) into smaller pieces.


I got this recipe from my mother-in-law so it's named (jokingly) after her. This is a very sweet chutney and is delicious with ham, sausage, pork pie, cheese and savoury snacks. I have made this many times and often at the request of family and friends who tell me as soon as they run out of the last lot I gave them. It keeps indefinitely (so I am told) but it never lasts too long in our house. I have recently used some I made over a year ago and it was delicious.