Damson Jam Recipe



  • 4 lbs (1.8 kg) damsons
  • ¼ pint (145 ml) water
  • 4 lbs (1.8 kg) sugar


  1. Wash and wipe the damsons. Pick over to remove stalks.
  2. Put into a pan with the water and simmer gently until the fruit is soft, occasionally pressing the damsons against the sides of the pan to break open and release the stones.
  3. Remove the stones.
  4. Test for pectin.
  5. Add the sugar, stirring until it has dissolved.
  6. Bring to the boil and boil rapidly for about 10 minutes until the jam sets when tested.
  7. Remove the remainder of the stones as they rise to the surface.
  8. Remove the scum.
  9. Pot and seal while still hot.

Makes around 6lbs (2.7 kgs) of jam.

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claire richards @ 7:58 pm #

fab website, found everything i wanted to.my first year of growing my own and this website really helped with the basics for me.

margaret @ 3:15 pm #

fab page

Christine Cook @ 12:00 pm #

I make jam, but always reduce the sugar, plum and gooseberry always work with less sugar a squirt of lemon juice helps, but I have a load of damsons, will it work the same (less sugar) for this jam, I welcome any tips, from any of you jam makers out there.
Christine Cook

lesley pritchard @ 3:22 pm #

Just made this jam. It turned out a treat. What a fab website. Will be coming back again soon.

Catherine @ 4:35 pm #

We have some very small yellow plums growing wild. Is anyone a plum/damson expert? I think they may be mirabelle plums but not sure. Does anyone know? I am just making some jam with them using the damson recipe.

Peter @ 3:32 pm #

I find that if you have yellow plums – may be mirabelle, but there are lots of other yellow varieties, then Christine Ferber, the doyenne of French jam-making has a good recipe. It takes loner, because you macerate with sugar and lemon juice in a bowl for an hour or so, then bring them to the simmer in a pan, then refrigerate overnight back in the bowl, the next day, you take the plums out while you cook the syrup, then add them back in and cook again in the normal way. This stops the plums going all squishy and brown. Looks very much better

Mrs Denise Davis @ 9:19 am #

First time trying to make jam. Recipe for Damson jam on your page looks easy but how and what is the test for pectin? Please help.

Keri @ 8:36 pm #

I love damson jam. I make jam all the time and it's not as fiddly as people think–I never check for pectin and it always turns out fine.

Anthea @ 6:09 pm #

Can damson jam be made in a microwave? Somewhere I recall reading that you can't cook stoned fruit in the microwave.

alisha rowton @ 3:56 pm #

I have just had a carrier bag full of damsons given to me, so i cant wait to try and make this damson jam, but can anyone tell me, once its made and in the sealed pots, where should i keep it and also how long does it last.

alisha rowton @ 4:18 pm #

Thank you for your help Val.xx

Dave @ 12:00 pm #

I have home made damson jam at home that is 2 years old and it is still fine.

karlie @ 12:07 pm #

for at least 3 years

from karlie wright

Helen Cunningham @ 4:43 pm #

Just back from 2 wks in Italy to find the Damson crop of the century in my freezer (thanks to diligent son). I have never seen so many. Just made 14 pots today and more to come. I find with such a quantity there is not time for picking over stones. So I stew it up, put it in muslin and hang over bowl for 24 hours, then measure this juice and add sugar and boil away and this makes a wonderful clear jam with NO stones. (Just off to make the Damson Vodka – let you know when I come round!!!) Helen.

Helen Cunningham @ 4:45 pm #

One further thought. As we were away when most of the crop dropped. My son, having got fed up with boiling and freezing, just stuck bags full of the damsons straight into the freezer. It doesn't seem to affect the taste at all. Just thought it might help some other soul who is staggering under the deluge. Helen.

Jo Wetherall @ 10:57 pm #

Jam is currently boiling – my first attempt :) Just wondering, is there an "easy" way to remove the stones? I feel like I've been doing it for hours lol. Is there a reason you can't remove them prior to starting the process? I have a cherry stoner and was wondering if that would work on Damsons and if so, is it ok to do this prior to making the jam?

Jo Wetherall @ 9:36 am #

Well, I've just had this jam on my toast! It's the first time I've ever made jam and by all accounts damsons were a good choice for a first attempt. Wanted to say a great big thank you for such a great simple recipe – jam is gorgeous!!! Yummy! I think in hindsight, I started taking the stones out too early and probably would have been easier and quicker if I'd waited a little longer! I've got a bag of damsons left so I'll know for next time. Thanks again!

Sharon @ 4:33 pm #

HI, does anyone know what is the best way to get out the stones of damsons wilst making jam ? x

Ell @ 9:00 pm #

I find it easier to put the damsons + water in the pan – let "cook" slowly, untill tender (not long) – get a large bowl & plastic sieve and using a slotted spoon put a couple of spoons at a time into the sieve – using a metal tea spoon (you can hear a "clunk" when you hit a stone) pick out the stones and move that fruit into the bowl beneath the sieve – keep doing this till all done – none get missed – then, put the bowl full of fruit back into the pan & add sugar etc.

sheila @ 2:55 pm #

The damson jam recipe works a treat, took about 20 mins of boiling to reach setting point.

Martin @ 6:40 pm #

How soon can I eat the jam after making it?

Hannah Bufton @ 8:52 pm #


Willie @ 4:03 pm #

this recipe is dead easy even a man can make it but DON'T add lemon juice to assist setting I did this last year & jam set solid

nathan @ 7:56 pm #

hello there. are they a very light green, slight peachy taste? if so they are probably green gage

pam @ 5:50 pm #

My jam has just been put into jars but hasn't set. I think I used too much water initially. Help – what can I do?

Katie Burrows @ 11:39 am #


Just about to make damson jam, but could someone clarify for me, is the weight of the fruit including the stones, or is it the weight after stones have been extracted.

I am so worried I'll get it wrong and end up with a sickly mess!!



pam @ 10:40 pm #

I have a huge amount of very ripe damsons and the jam I made hasnot set.Can I use the remaining damsons to make proper jam if I add lemon juice, pectin etc.If so what proportions of ingredients do I need? thanks for previous advice.

Barbara Marshall @ 11:02 am #

loved this recipe,friends and family now enjoying the jam!
great site,about to try mixed fruit marmalade recipe

Pauline @ 9:21 am #

We have had a massive crop of mulberries this year. I made some 'bramble jelly' using mulberries instead of blackberries and it was fine, but is there anything else I can do with them?

Jo @ 6:05 pm #

I am surprised that there has been no mention of removing the kernal from the damson stones and putting this back in the jam. I have been brought up with this method which really adds an extra something to the jam. It's a fiddle but well worth it – you have a small hammer handy and tap the stones into half remove the almond-like pip inside and when all are done put them back into the jam when it is nearly set.

rosemary wilson @ 10:20 am #

just found your web page, i am just about to make damson jam for the first time, and i am sure some of the tips will be invaluable. thanks.

jules thornburrow @ 2:13 pm #

Once the fruit was mushy I used a chip pan basket to sieve out the stones. Keep working the pulp with the back of a ladle/wooden spoon until all the good stuff is through. I ended up with a pound of waste and adjusted the sugar ratio accordingly. Yum!

cheryl walton @ 5:43 pm #

I made this recipe on Wednesday for the very first time. In fact apart from 1 disaster last year, it is the first real attempt I have made at making jam and the recipe was so easy. I added a dash of lemon juice but didn't really need to. Brilliant, and a great one for a newby to jam making, it's very heartening to be guaranteed success with all that natural pectin. Delicious!!!

adele @ 4:35 pm #

just made first batch of damson jam today using your recipe brillant web site.how long does damson jam last for

Val McManus @ 12:56 pm #

Just seen your website for the first time, really helpful. Thanks.

Claire Whelan Ireland @ 3:50 pm #

My hubby and I just back from picking blackberries and crab apples to make jelly. Was not sure how the blackberries would be as they had lots of water this summer but very little sun to sweeten them. We always made jam growning up so I am familiar with that but came across lots of wild 'damsons'. Had never made jam of these and was trying to check in all my cookery books to ensure what I had were 'damsons' and not something poisonous. One book had photo but it was a plum (I know they are of the same family of fruit).

I googled just now and found your site. Thanks a million…I saw a photo of the tree and fruit so now am happy yep its damsons and jam will be made tomorrow. Have never tasted it so looking forward to first taste.

Great site. Keep up the good work.

Jacqueline @ 8:30 pm #

Will have to move the computer back into my kitchen. I can't believe help like this is offered and so clearly given too. Thank you.The questions your site have made me consider are; 1. whether I must let my frozen damsons defrost naturally before I put them on to cook? 2.How(for the quantities given in your Damson recipe) much time will I need to complete the jam making job, though it would be lovely to have my three year old help, it might be easier first time round to wait until he's out! Thank you

Ruth @ 5:46 pm #

Great site. I am about to defrost my damsons for jam tomorrow. Could not find out from anywhere else whether to thaw them or not. Many Thanks.

Caroline @ 12:39 pm #

Hi Val

Thanks for all the lovely recipes and tips on how to make jam – what a great site! I have made my first Damson Jam and it is delicious and well-worth the (small) effort. I look forward to making Damson Gin soon.

dave @ 9:41 am #

I chanced across a hedgerow with loads of damsons just waiting to be picked yesterday, although they were a little past their best, they were still tender and juicy and not dried up.So I picked them, and following your recipe, made 6 jars of jam last night. For breakfast I have had Damson Jam on toast. Absolutely superb. I was wondering how long it would keep for in the sealed jars. I am currently trying to eat my way through bilberry jam that was made in 2005, and is still georgeous.

claireabella @ 3:35 pm #

Just had my first attempt at Jam making after getting lots of Damsons from my sister-in-laws trees. It is absolutely gorgeous. I am giving two jars to my Dad as a little present when he comes over for lunch on sunday. I'm sure he will be thrilled as Damson jam has always been his favourite.

This site is great, thanks so much for sharing the brilliant tips and recipes :o )

Natalie @ 9:12 am #

Do you need to use 'Jam sugar' or is normal sugar ok?

Natalie @ 4:28 pm #

I'm gutted, the jam caught at the bottom of the pan and now all my 5 jars of what should have been beautiful jam now tastes smoky..I hate waste!!!

Anthony @ 6:58 pm #

Good site, the recipe helped me utilise a load of Damsons I found. I would make one small observation though, it is probably not a good idea to absent mindedly lick the back of the spoon while at the "rolling boil" stage – great things ice cubes.

Su @ 2:08 pm #

This is my first year as a jam maker. Met a forager whilst walking the dogs the other day and we got chatting about all the wild fruit growing in our area. She introduced me to Damsons for the first time in my life and told me she planned to make jam with them. I ended up coming home with 3lbs of them and the first thing I did was look for a recipe. I came across your website. I made your Damson jam recipe and it was a huge success, can't get enough of the stuff. It doesn't just go well on toast, I put a good dollop on rice pudding and slightly warmed in the microwave on plain vanilla ice cream too. Oh my, it's absolutely delicious, thank you for all your clear concise recipes and the help and advice you give. I love, love, love your website and have just bought your preserves book. Brilliant!!! Worth every penny! Thank you!

margy @ 9:32 am #

I have a tree that has produced lots of small, about olive sized fruits that are yellow. As we have just acquired the garden I'm not sure what it is. It has a stone and tastes like a plum, but much smaller and have fell from tree before turning purple. Could they be damsons? I would love to use them in a preserve but not sure what they are.

Craig @ 9:40 am #

Fantastic recipe, works every time and I've never had any need to test for pectin. It's worth taking the time to remove all the stones though. My mum wasn't too scrupulous in that regard so my childhood memory of damson jam was having to pick the stones out which was a real pain.

Wendy @ 1:44 pm #

Mirabelles are small wild plums – usually yellow. They are about the same size as a damson but are circular in shape whereas a damson is more oval and always red, of course.

Alison Whitley @ 3:37 pm #

I've just found the site and used the Damson jam recipe as a base for my "new" Plum, Blackcurrent and Apple Jam. It's great to find a common sense recipe that works. Now I'm off to try out the Apple Flapjacks :-)

margy @ 4:03 pm #

hi wendy thanks for info on mirabelle plums, now i know what they are, think i might make jam!! XX

Melanie @ 12:22 am #

My husband and I have today made the Damson Jam, using receipe and have just tried some, its so delicious, that my husband wanted to finish the o.5L jar that we made LOL

Sammy @ 10:27 am #

First time I have come across this website, and am fascinated by it now.

I have just scrumped 1kg of damsoms, some a lovely rich plum colour some half and half with dark green.

Can I use all the damsoms as are? and also what sugar and water quantities do I use for 1kg of fruit.

thank you.


Samantha @ 4:40 pm #

Can I use caster sugar to make jams or does it need to be granulated ??

sam @ 10:17 pm #

Hi, great site – I used this recipe last year – found fishing the stones out rather tedious and have found the odd one on my toast but its FAB jam – everyone loves it and jars keep going missing when we have visitors…. found ripe damsons today so making this years jam tomorrow – not sure what quantity of fruit I have – how much water / what ratio??? dont think this batch will be very big but going hunting for more over the weekend!!

Sam @ 11:45 am #

That is a very delicious receipe it's a great experience and we'll definitly do it again! :D

Sam @ 11:47 am #

Oh and thanks too whoever made the Recipe! :) x

Sarah @ 4:55 pm #

Do you have to put wax circles in the top? I want to make my jam today and have only just seen this.

Samantha @ 10:20 am #

Can i use caster sugar ?

Samantha @ 9:48 pm #

Thanks Val can get cracking on with that tomorrow then

kate @ 1:31 pm #

To all asking about the removal of stones – have you tried the damson cheese recipe on this site? Just as tasty spread on your toast but a lot less fiddly to make x

Martin @ 12:21 pm #

Like Helen Cunnigham I just froze the Damsons straight after washing, then slowly thawed them in the water as I started the jam making. I also found that the stones just popped out easily as soon as each damson warmed through – yes I did stand and stone 4LB of damson, but there was a good programme on the telly and it seemed to take no time at all. Used about a third less sugar than usual and got a great set and a wonderful tasting jam :-)

heather @ 4:02 pm #

We have had a record crop of damsons this year, even though
they were thinned extensively in August by our ?consultant.

We always remove the damson stones with a 'cherry stoner' before we put them in the pot – saves hours of work, and they never always rise to the top or fall to the bottom as we are told they do. Having stewed them, added sugar, we freeze in
metal containers/cardboard lids, and you can have damson crumble for the whole of the winter!

Susie d @ 9:08 pm #

Thanks for all the hints and comments on here. I made damson jam last night, it's great! Lovely flavour and colour.

Isabelle @ 3:27 pm #

sounds like mirabelles

Danielle Cox @ 12:47 pm #

I only have Jam sugar which i used to make plum jam last week and it was fine, will it be ok for Damsons or can i adjust the recipe?

eileen @ 2:49 pm #

Made 5 1/2 pounds of damson jam starting at 1am this morning. Took my mind off the worry of daughter in town [for the first titme] celebtating her 18th. Picked her up at 5.25am.

Had damson jam on toast at 2pm. A happy young lady and a relieved and happy mum.

Recipe is simple and works a treat.

Danielle Cox @ 5:59 pm #

well have made Damson Jam with this recipe and with Jam sugar… it's delicious! it was very time consuming getting the stones out after softening the fruit, may de-stone before next next and that way will ensure my jam is 100% stone free.

Izzy @ 10:35 am #

Help! Made a big batch of jam yesterday – and used preserving sugar at a ratio of 1 to 3 (3kg damson and 1kg preserving sugar).
I boilt it for AGES – but it has not set – just very sweet tasting damson soup :-(
Can I still rescue it?
Many thanks!!!

Maxine G @ 11:28 am #

I've been making damson jam for, oh dear, fifty years and have never bothered about getting the stones out, it's frustrating and time consuming. Besides, sucking the things as you pick them off the bread is part of the pleasure. No-one has ever complained, still less broken a tooth. Basically, don't bother, it's the flavour that counts.
Same applies to damson crumble/pie/sponge, just warn people the stones are there and don't worry.

Robina @ 1:05 pm #

To remove stones. Wash the damsons. Place in saucepan with no added water. Stew over low heat untill tender ( 5-10 mins should do) then simply push through a colander with large holes to separate stones. Make jam with the puree.

Gill @ 10:08 pm #

Fab web site. Have bought your book and just made my first batch of jam! It's turned out great :) Can't wait to try some of your other recipes. Thanks Val your book is the best x

cliff oliver @ 11:20 am #

If you clean the jars and lids really well, pouring boiling water over them (carefully) in the sink then drain and put into a medium warm oven, lying them on their sides, or upright until needed then I find the jam will last for years unopened – and even for months once opened – I have rarely ever had home made jam go mouldy.

Debbie @ 11:23 am #


I have just tried to make this jam and had 1lb of damsons (before cooking) so reduced the sugar by using 1lb of sugar. I have just opened 1 of the jars that I made and it is solid. Can I rescue the jam or is too late. Also did I use too much sugar. Should I use 1lb to 1lb of fruit after it has been stoned.

Jewels @ 5:22 pm #

My jam is simmering, my 4 month old is sleeping! How exciting and satisfying! My maternity leave is turning into domestic bliss! I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you for this magic little recipe!
:) :) :)

jeff @ 5:37 pm #

have recently started making damson jam, tried to boil out the stones but my wife suggested the cherry stoner and that is much easier (as the children are doing it safely).We are enjoying the first of our first batch.

Charles @ 11:51 am #

Like many this year we have had a huge crop of Damsons and Plums. As a family we tend not to like very sweet jams so I never use a 50/50 mix of sugar to jam. Damson jam for us has to have a 'Bite' in the flavour and I add lemon juice to get the to final taste. Also, while boiling up you can add a knob of butter to help prevent too much scum forming.

Deborah @ 10:50 am #

HELP. love your site by the way….. i have made some damson jam this morning and its sort off bitter .. dries your mouth out when you taste it.. like sucking a lemon dry mouth… any help would be appreciated

Deborah @ 3:42 pm #

Hi again. my husband says they taste like normal damsons and they dont DRY his mouth out !!!! been told to bin the lot but it seems such a waste

beryl @ 7:46 pm #

Great recipe. Used 5 1/2lbs damsons, didn't want to waste as no flour for pie. Turned out lovely. 7 1/2 jars. 1/2 jar nearly gone had on toast. Won't last long at that ratio. Looking forward to trying more recipes.

Gill @ 11:49 pm #

I have lots of sloe trees in my garden and everyear make copious amounts of sloe gin and sloe vodka. Seeing the Damson jam recipe made me think, can you make jam from sloes, I know they are very "dry" and take the enamel off your teeth when eaten raw, but, surely there is something else to do with them.

topsy @ 9:31 am #

I think sloes are rather small for jam making (much better to use for gin vodka etc) but I made some sloe gin jelly last year (after I'd had enough of making all the other things) and it is fabulous!

Sue B @ 5:41 pm #


An old hand in the Lake District told me the best Damson jam still has stones in. So I always leave a few. My friends fight over my jam so it must work!

Annette @ 4:16 pm #

@Jo Wetherall: I'd leave the stones in most 'stoned fruit' becuase some of the pectin is in or around the stones (I think)… it's also usually a bit easier to remove the stones when the flesh has softened in the cooking process – I also use a spoon to 'fish' the stones out of the pan.

John Hart @ 5:04 pm #

Do damsons need to be ripe for jam making?

julie @ 10:53 am #

fab fab fab – jam looks yummy thank you will be back to this site soon thanks you xx

Iain @ 12:43 pm #

First attempt at damson jam cooling off in the garage, smells lush, can't wait to try it!! fab website, looking for next recipe, still got 10lb of damson left, do they make good wine???

Julie @ 2:10 pm #


I've cooked down my damsons, strained all the stones and skin (I dont like jam with bits in it!) and ready to add the sugar, but do I need to weigh what is left in the pan again or just add like for like of original weight of fruit to sugar?

doglady @ 4:49 pm #

Great site and forum, joined today….
I made Damson Jam today and it turned out great but it had a little sharp after taste, have no idea why?
2lbs Fruit to 1and half pounds sugar, lemon juice and a little water. All done in the Micro and it's the same principle as the Greengage Jam I made.
It worked well. However as I said a slight sharp taste….it will still be used though – my hubby loves anything I make, aren't I lucky…lol..

molly! @ 7:46 pm #

I'm making this recipe at home any one have any tips? thxx

majec @ 10:19 pm #

Great site I've just joined today–.
I'm house sitting for a friend for one month, the house has 15 acres of land with lots of fruit trees and veg. I love to cook, but I've never made jam. Today I went and picked plums and damsons, I wanted a simple recipe and saw your site. I followed your recipe on Damson Jam and plum Jam, I can't believe how well it all went, it tastes so nice I feel so proud of myself, thank-you for your easy recipe.

doglady @ 8:28 am #

I tried one of my Damsons and it tasted fine, some were soft and others were not so soft but the taste was ok…so am I thinking that Damson Jam really needs to made with ripe fruit rather than nearly ripe?.
It is still a sweet Jam but a little sharpe after taste.

Heather @ 6:30 pm #

Great recipe, first time jam making and turned out great. Good site thanks

Gloria @ 4:01 pm #

@Mrs Denise Davis: Help please.
I have just made damson jam by the book and it has not set properly, any advice

Anna @ 8:53 am #

This looks like a great recipe and I have just been given a huge bag of damsons in return for the two small figs from my urban fig. My question is, I only have a copper unlined preserving pan, picked up for a song years ago, will it flavour the jam? Can anyone advise?

WENDY @ 9:49 pm #

Hi Jo, I to have used the kernal's from the stones, I have never done this before, so I am looking forward to trying my Damson jam when it's cool. It's a very fiddly but satisfiying job!

Jayne @ 10:51 am #

I have lived in my house for 25 years with a Damson tree hidden behind a shed at the bottom of the garden.Through out the years I have raised three children with no thought of the damson tree, until this year! Gathering the damsons and finding your easy to follow recipe I set to work, after a fiddly job I produced 6lb of yummy jam, I was so chuffed I gave 4 jars away (just to show off) so I have gathered the remaining dasoms from the tree and now am off to the kitchen to make some more! Thank you.

Adrian @ 8:54 pm #

Is Damson size important – currently about 20mm length / 15mm diameter

lesley @ 1:57 pm #

Has anyone got a good recipe for diabetic damson jam?
I've got loads of damsons and want to make some jam for my husband.

Jana @ 4:43 pm #

Hi there, fab site. I am a total novice at making jam. I have a lots of damsons and would like to try to make jam but I don't quite understand about pectin.. Do I have to add it (if yes, how much?) or do damsons have pectin? Thanks for your help, Jana

Noreen @ 10:36 pm #

Damsons have plenty of pectin so you don't need to add any. Very easy jam to make- good luck! (I've just made 4lbs and its yummy.)

Helen Simmons @ 2:59 pm #

First time I've made proper jam, got damsons off a tree growing next to parking area by my home. Easy recipe and looking forward to eating on home made scones with fresh whipped cream! This website is going to be a favourite and I am passing it on to my fellow allotmenteers.

Debbie @ 8:50 pm #

Have just removed the damsons from last years damson gin (in order to start again with this years crop) can these fruits be used to make jam or some kind of preserve?

Steve Harford @ 1:34 pm #

I have been having great fun making all sorts of damson goodies from chutney to vodka and jam.
I would now like to pass on a tip to make your damsons go even further:
When you have emptied your preserving pan or whatever (incidentally I sieve my stones through a plastic colander) add a little water to the remaining juices, stones etc and scrape all the goodness into the water. Remove any stones, then stir the remaining mixture and put into ice lolly moulds. Freeze overnight and you have the most amazing lolly packed full of goodness. You can also make the best sorbet with this or even heat up the mixture for a very satisfying fruit tea. All from what you would normally wash down the sink.

Jean Pleming @ 4:58 pm #

I have just received 5 lbs of bullace. What proportion of sugar should there be to a pound of fruit when making jam?
Jean P

Mel @ 9:26 pm #

I recently learned an excellent way to remove stones from damsons… Wash and spread evenly on baking sheet, pop in oven (GM3 or about 140c) for 10 min. Remove from oven and the stones pop right out with gentle pressure. Yay!

linda @ 11:35 am #

I have 6 lb of frozen weight damsons – was given them frozen so not sure of actual weight, how much sugar should I use to make jam?

Trev @ 4:17 pm #

Just picked a carrier bag full of damsons and am going to give your damson jam recipe a go. One quick question though. Is the 4lbs weight of damsons before or after the stones are removed?

Yvonne @ 12:45 pm #

Made 6 pots this morning, very tasty, boiled for exactly 10 minutes and it was set beautifully.

Yvonne @ 12:47 pm #

6 pots of Damson Jam sorry

Yvonne @ 12:50 pm #

Damsons make brilliant wine I have got two gallons on the go now.

angie @ 6:09 pm #

I have had a large quantity of damsons given to me but I am just of on hols and want to freeze them to make jam when I get back, does anyone know if I have to cook them or can I just freeze them as they are.

angie @ 6:46 pm #

Thanks Val@Val:

Richie @ 7:54 am #

Hi, many thanks for this incredibly easy to follow recipe, it was the first time I've ever made jam, and it's turned out superb, I can't help looking for more trees, I think my one has been all picked out! If I do find another, I'm going to try my hand at Damson vodka!! Cheers

Helb @ 11:42 am #

Hi, I have damsons in the freezer from last year. My two questions are; 1. Do they need to be washed when they come out of the freezer as they were not when put in, and 2. Is it really necessary to defrost them before make damson jelly with them, would you not just use less water?

Julie @ 6:25 pm #

@alisha rowton:

So long as you seal the jam pots as soon as you have made it, with the wax circle you would put on the top of the jam, it will last a long while until you open it again. We are still using some of last years jam. Obviously once opened for use, it will mould after a while if you don't use it up. I have made a lot of jam this year including rhubarb and strawberry, rhubarb and raspberry, red currant blackcurrant gooseberry (I only had a small crop of each so made a mixed jam which was delicious) blackcurrant, apple and raspberry to name but a few.

kate @ 8:03 pm #


I have 7lb of damsons, can I do them all in one go? Also how much sugar should I use?

Donald Farms @ 8:13 am #

Having been given 3lb damsons, I "googled" and came up with this great site.
I found a recipe for jam, and followed it carefully – except I was making half the quantity. By mistake, I put in the full amount of water. However, I continued with the process. I was using a sugar thermometer, with jam setting point marked. As it reached 100, I duly set my timer for 10 mins, as per recipe. Less than 2 mins later, jam setting point was reached. What to do, as someone had written that their jam took 20 mins?!!!! I "believed" the thermometer, and have 4 jars of beautifull set jam.
The other 1lb is at the start of a vodka liquier. Thanks to those who take the bother of putting their recipes on here.

Kirsten @ 8:23 pm #

Fantastic website, Thank you Val and everyone else for recipes and tips. Just made Damson gin, damson vodka and green tomato chutney (one jar almost gone already) such easy recipes and delicious results. Going to try the damson jam making this week :)

Weeke Farm @ 11:20 am #

Perfect damson jam recipe with a beautiful set. Thank you.

I had no problems getting all of the stones out and was glad I counted them in and out!

Damson gin and damsons with greek yoghurt are a firm favourite in our household :)

BARBARA @ 1:27 am #


Harvey @ 7:40 pm #

I removed my damsons from the freezer yesterday and after thawing out, made jam to-day; and it's fine. I've used frozen fruit before – when we moved house – it was easier to make 36 pots of jam, from fruit which had been in the freezer for 2 – 3 years and transport it thus, than in the frozen state. Also, made good plum wine after 12 months in the freezer.

Tim @ 3:53 pm #

@Sarah: I use greaseproof paper – tear off a strip ans fold it over as many times as you need, then draw a circle using say a glass of suitable size and then cut a whole heap in one go. Cheap and quick
to do

Sylvia Willcox @ 1:07 pm #

Just about to make Damson jam for the first time, I have some preserving sugar but will need more, as I have lots of damsons to use, can I use granulated sugar.

paula @ 10:28 am #

Well have never made jam ever, my Dad gave me some damsons last night and have already made the jam with this recipe. How easy it was, some of the other recipes said to take the stones out first, tried that for about 10 minutes what a faff much easier to take them out while cooking, will be making this again.

Sara @ 2:59 pm #

Brilliant recipe – thank you! Four pounds damsons (three and a half without stones), three and a half pounds of ordinary granulated sugar. It set in 12 minutes, and is delicious.
A tip for jams that don't set well, for those who dislike the idea of artificial pectin. Keep a box for citrus pips in the freezer. Every time you squeeze a lemon or an orange add the pips to the box. When cooking eg strawberries or apricots for jam put the saved pips in a muslin bag and cook them with the fruit, as one does for marmalade. This will help setting without spoiling the taste. Then throw the pips away and carry on with the second stage.
The pips keep perfectly in the freezer, though not in the fridge. I was taught this by a brilliant cook in Greece.

Jill @ 4:55 pm #

Please could someone help me I've been given lots of damsons and asked if I could make a diabetic Jam from them, how would I do this? I've only ever made jam using sugar! thanks x

Bev @ 10:29 pm #

Have just made damson jam. Fantastic can't wait for breakfast!!!!!

margaret @ 11:57 am #

If the plums are very small grape sized they are mirabelles or cherry plums. I find them a bit sweet for jam. You could stew and freeze them. On stone fruit in a microwave the problem is they will explode if you don't destone them first. You could try pricking them with a fork but I think its easier to stew them gently in a saucepan. On pectin just use apple cores and peelings you could stew and put in the fridge but no real need. Boil with the jam in a muslin bag (or clean piece of cloth). Less flavour adding than citrus pips.

tracey @ 10:45 am #

Just made my first batch of damson jam. Looks and tastes lovely but has retained some astringency from the fruit. Posit I didn't use sloes. Is this normal and is it ok to eat?

Ray @ 8:34 pm #

@Peter: They are probably wild plums, usually yellow but sometimes some fruit turns red as it ripens, I make jam with these each year, not as sweet as the larger plums but very nice. Usually have a small round stone.

janet darby @ 4:15 pm #

@Christine Cook: Hi like to hear of good jam making. I add pectin in my jam does not take too long to simmer. Damsons make beautiful jam but I could not get any this year from locals, a bad year apparently. Do you know where I can get some fresh or frozen for our jam pots thanks.

janet darby @ 4:20 pm #

@Ray: Hi Ray I think the wild plums are bullace wish I could get some myself makes loveley jam

janet darby @ 4:25 pm #

@angie: Just wash them and put them in bags in the freezer, they will be ok for months.

janet darby @ 4:31 pm #

@Iain: yes and damson gin I could not get any this year at all look on the web site there are many recipes to choose from do it now in time for Christmas day drinks cheers.

janet darby @ 4:36 pm #

@Jean Pleming: Ive never made bullace jam but if I had any bullace I would make bullace gin. Could you tell me where I could get some from please

sallyanne @ 4:07 pm #

We had a very good crop of damsons last year and none this season. I still have some of last year's crop in the freezer. Do think they will be alright to make jam with now?

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