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Gardening in Spain – Growing in the Mediterranean Climate

Whilst this site is UK based, I know we have visitors from all over the world. Gardening in hot climates requires different approaches to the UK which is why I am suggesting you take a look at Richard Handscombe’s web site on Gardening in Spain.

Handscombes Gardening in SpainDick Handscombe is an experienced gardener and author living self-sufficiently in Spain.

He says about his life there:-

“In our holistic garden and allotment we grow flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit and are largely self sufficient in our needs for a healthy Mediterranean diet.

Summer shade for siestas, sundowners, al fresco cooking eating and dining is provided by the shade of mature trees and a colourful naya-covered arched terrace. Sheltered sunny warm winter corners are created by wind breaking boundary plant clad walls and internal hedges.

To enable us to produce rich composts for enriching soils for garden beds, containers and the allotment plus invaluable home reared meat and eggs we keep a few chickens and rabbits.”

We have now written six books re gardening in Spain including the best seller Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain and have a regular radio programme on Spanish radio. If you are interested in growing vegetables in the Mediterranean climate or more ideas for growing in a globally warmed southern England the book can be obtained most easily in the UK from Amazon

Sounds pretty wonderful to me! These are the latest articles from their website and I’m sure they will be of interest to anyone thinking of moving to a warm climate or even coping with global warming.

There’s a lot in their books that can be applied to growing anywhere hot including the Mediterranean, Italy etc. not just in Spain, and they’re very well written and easy to follow – where ever you may be.

Dick is a great believer in a healthy lifestyle and gardens organically as well as being active in the slow food movement.

Gardening in Spain

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