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Rain, Hosepipe Bans, Horseflies

A little rain arrives which is helpful but not enough to sort things. Horseflies making life a misery with their razor jaws biting

Cat Sleeping on Compost Heap

Making Compost

Making a new batch of compost for the veg plots and using the compost from last year. Plus the hotbin composter in action.

Black Russian Sungold Tomatoes

In the Greenhouse & Polytunnel

Despite my worries about the heat causing problems in the greenhouse and polytunnel, they're actually doing very nicely thank you.They are producing well for me - aubergines, tomatoes, peppers being the main crops

Lettuce Shade

A little drop of rain

We had a little drop of rain. Things doing well generally on the veg plot. Leek experiment, onions ready, lettuce in shade, blight warning, old beans germinate well, new watering cans and cabbage whites attack.

Fire Aftermath

Fire Aftermath – Praying for Rain

If you'd told me that we'd be hoping for rain here in Snowdonia, I'd have questioned your sanity and laughed. Well I'm not laughing now, this drought is getting serious.

Sprinkler over Raised Beds

Using a Sprinkler Properly for Efficient Watering

There are many ways to water your plot but for a large area a sprinkler can be most efficient and used with thought not wasteful at all.

Garlic Drying

Quick Catch Up Around the Plots

In theory this wonderful hot sunny weather should mean more time on the plot but it’s not quite working out like that. Most days it’s just too much to do anything in the open after midday until early evening. Much
Hot Greenhouse

Be Careful What You Wish For

Every year I look at the rain coming down and wish we could have another summer like 1976. Now we seem to be getting one and it's not quite the same as when I was 21.

Fire! The Hill is Blazing

Up from us the gorse on the hillside has caught light – it’s very dramatic and a little scary. If we lived up there I’d be terrified. Looks like the fire brigade are in attendance.
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