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Tomato Blight

What to do if Tomato Blight Hits!

If tomato blight hits you need to act immediately to save your crop. Here's 17 recipes to to use up those ripe and green tomatoes quickly.

Harvesting Potatoes

Harvesting Potatoes & Blight

Started harvesting potatoes and yet another moan about the lack of chemical controls legally available to the average gardener

Compost Bins

Composting with Comfrey

I took a cut off the comfrey some of which was used as the activator in a new compost heap and a cheap new gadget that helps make compost.

Sweetcorn Cobs

Harvesting the Polytunnel

A quick report on my polytunnel harvest which is going well. From carrots to sweetcorn, the tunnel is so productive.

Onions Close Up

Catching Up – Around the Plots

My last post about potato blight turned into an article rather than a diary entry so I didn't even touch on the rest of the plots This is the catch-up post!

Potato Blight on Leaves

Control for Potato Blight

We've got potato blight but have nothing to fight it with. legally, at least. Lack of chemicals for home growers creates a black market.

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