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Last Tomatoes in Greenhouse

Winding Down

As the growing season comes to the end for another year, things are winding down in the greenhouse and outside on the plot.

Natural Fencing

Natural Fencing

A look at different methods of fencing using natural materials. Hedges, dry-stone walls, Norwegian skigard fencing and unique to N Wales, slate fencing

Young Rowan Trees

Planting More Rowan Trees

Planting out 10 pot grown Rowan trees and why I am planting trees as part of improving the growing conditions and general environment.

growing season 1772 2012

Growing Season in UK Grows by a Month!

The UK growing season has increased by a month compared to the 1961-90 average says Met Office but is this good news or bad for home growers.

Woodchip Mountain Conquered

Making the Most of Good Weather

Catching up with the jobs whilst the weather is fair. Recovering paths between the raised beds, new load of pallets and tomatoes galore

Compost Bins

Turning the Compost Heap

Turning the compost heap is important to the bin method of making compost. It's basically a three stage process resulting in nutrient rich, soil enhancer.

October 2016
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