Monthly Archives: June 2011

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Progress on the Plot

Progress on the veg plot, immediate plans and an experiment in the benefits of lime

End of the World Blues

Sorry – nothing to do with allotments or growing really, just a rant!

Shovelling The Smelly Stuff!

Digging yet more rocks where I didn't expect to find them and a ton of horse manure, yes!

Building A Raised Bed

Building a raised bed using linkabord. Removing the rocks took the most time!

Blueberries in a Bath

A trip to The Village, cooked for by a top chef and planting blueberries in a bath

Sowing Peas

Late sowings, shopping and a method of sowing peas in half trays with perfect spacing.

Setting Up Raised Beds

Made a good start setting up the raised beds on the vegetable plot.


Drought in the east, drowning in the west and yet more digging out the garden plot.


Foraging. A book review - it's really rather good

Digging & Strimming

Finally got my strimmer going, bit of a rant about 'ealth an' safety and digging up rocks and yet more rocks

Was that summer?

Finally a bit of summer arrives and our bulk delivery comes as well. Although a bit of a delivery problem.

Cucumber E-Coli & Cuckoo Spit

Answering some questions on e-coli, weedkiller, cuckoo spit and onions.

Bulk Buying Allotment Supplies

Getting together with neighbours to bulk buy the lime and fertilisers etc saves us a packet.

June 2011
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