Monthly Archives: July 2010

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Onions, Artichokes, Beans & Green Manure

A great day on the plot: onions set to drying, broad beans and globe artichokes to eat and sowing green manures.

Enough Rain, Thanks

Rain stops play after spam delays the start! And to spray or not to spray, that is the question.

Permaculture – The Earth Care Manual

Reviewing a book on Permaculture - The Earth Care Manual by Patrick Whitefield

Hosepipe Ban Update

Important info for those affected by the hosepipe ban in the north west

Harvesting Potatoes, Still Very Dry

Harvesting the traveller potatoes, boosting sweetcorn, hoeing and the brassicas are looking fantastic.

Tired Soil or Sick Soil

Failing tomatoes in the greenhouse could be a sign of sick or tired soil.

Life is just a bowl of cherries

Great result from the cherry tree and strawberry beds, but the star today was the garlic harvest. Despite planting late, great crop.

Congratulations to Marshalls

Marshalls Seeds have managed to bag a gold medal at the Hampton Court Show which runs until Sunday 11th July

Hosepipe Ban

A bit of a rant about the hosepipe ban that applies from Friday

Grafted Peppers, Water etc.

Grafted vs ordinary peppers, watering and hunting cats on the plot in the dark

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