Allotment Garden Diary

My diary of my attempts, success and failures growing vegetables, fruit, herbs and gardening on an allotment.sized vegetable plot with a garden as well

Ripening Tomatoes

Harvest coming in, Wounded Knee

Tomatoes ripening, the harvest getting into swing and thinking ahead to next season already. What a time to injure my knee!

Mulched Potatoes Sarpo Mira

Grass is Useful Stuff!

Grass cutting and disposing of grass clippings was just a chore but I've found it is very useful stuff. How to get more yield from growing grass as a crop

Strawberries Growing in Pot

Heatwave Breaks, Polytunnel Problems

After the solstice the heatwave breaks. Polytunnel problems and greenhouse too. Harvests starting to come in faster

Beans Sweetcorn in Polytunnel

Moving Ahead This Year

An update on things in the polytunnel, greenhouse and outside with a curious fact that demonstrates the importance of the humble potato.

Hydroponic Tomatoes

Organic Hydroponics – Is it possible?

Considering Hydroponic Growing and Organic Growing. Are organic hydroponics even possible and are they a good idea.

Maxicrop Tomato Feed

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Rain Damaged Lettuce

From Drought to Flood

Coping with a lot of rain, more plans for the future, election exhaustion and buying a new grass strimmer.

Strawberries Developing

Strawberries soon! & New Growing Bed

Outside strawberries forming, bringing a new large bed into production and progress on the plot with the potatoes. Polytunnel report.

Beans Sweetcorn

Chill Out in the Heatwave

Trialling some interesting supplements, coping with a heatwave and adding to the straw mulch around the potatoes with grass clippings.

New Potatoes

Cats, Sheep, Potatoes, Water & Air

The joys of cats in the greenhouse, sheep in the polytunnel and potatoes on the plate plus keeping things wet and cool.

Strawberry Troughs

Tomatoes, potatoes & strawberries

Strawberry troughs on the stand sorted out, potatoes almost ready to start harvesting in the tunnel and tomatoes starting up the strings in the greenhouse.

Welsh Cherry Tree Cariad

Welsh Cherry Tree in Polytunnel

Planted a Welsh cherry tree in the tunnel, moved the leeks on and the sheep deny eating the rowan saplings.


Polytunnel Temperatures

I've been measuring the temperatures in the polytunnel and discovered just how high it can shoot up to in the morning sunshine.

Bardsey Apple in Flower

Back Online, Computer Repaired

Finally got the computer back after it exploded but my time offline has been put to good use.

Propagators with Grow Lights

What is even better than a Vitopod?

A bit of a trick question - there are 2 answers! Looking at the improvements in the Ultimate Vitopod.

Organised Polytunnel

Playing & Polytunnel

Regenerative farming, organising the polytunnel and writing magazine articles

Walled Vegetable Plot

Progress on the Plot

Some beautiful weather has given me the chance to get a lot done outside. It's easy to forget it's early spring and not midsummer.

change of mind

Changing My Ways

As we get older we get stuck in our ways and on that basis I must be getting younger! The fact is I've had to change quite a few of my ways recently.

Spring in the Garden

Get out in the Garden: Spring jobs to be doing around the garden

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the trees are beginning to bloom which can only mean it’s time to resurrect your garden.

Texel Sheep

Keeping Ahead in Good Weather

A few days of good weather and we're getting ahead with the jobs. The Texels are back so we know spring is definitely here.

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