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Cheap Thermostat Control for Propagators

Propagator Thermostat

Propagator Thermostat Controlling 2 old 18W propagators

My new thermostat control for the old propagators arrived. How they manage to make these things and send them half way around the world so cheaply is a wonder to me! We pay a fortune to just post a book to another country. The post must be subsidised to encourage business in China.

Anyway, £7.68 including P&P is just crazy. They even throw in a free travel plug which does UK to Chinese I think. Not that I’ll have much use for that.

I’ve put it on test – after spending some time figuring out the instructions. They’re written in English, but not as we know it. I reckon they were written by an engineer and translated automatically from Chinese. Phrases like ‘After the power off and then retreat The protection’ must mean something.

I set a temperature on the controller and then checked it cut the power when the ambient temperature was higher and put the power back on when lower. The temperature sensor is calibrated as near correctly as I can measure, so good to go. It’s now in the greenhouse and the old propagators are just providing bottom heat when it falls below 10 C to push some onion seedlings.

On the negative side, unlike the thermostats that control my Geopod and Vitopod, the cheap Chinese controller isn’t waterproof so I’ll need to be careful not to splash it when watering. Then again, neither was my old home-made thermostatic controller and that served me well for 15 years.

In the Shed

Over in the solar shed the last of the sweet peppers got moved on from modules into pots. I’m so impressed with the development of the plants in the Geopod under the grow lights that I think I’ll get more of them.

I can see I’ll be starting a lot of things off earlier now I’ve got the polytunnel extending the season so they’ll come in useful to say the least.

I sowed Medwyn William’s new Anglesey leek into modules. They’ve gone at one seed per module so I can get a good idea of the germination rate. I expect they’ll be a winner – Medwyn does tend to win!

The weather has turned from downpours to sunshine so I can get on with things outside again. The sheep will be back in the fields this weekend as well. I can see a lambing shed down the hill and it’s lit up at 3 am and 4 am. Me being a bit of an insomniac, I notice these things.

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2 comments on “Cheap Thermostat Control for Propagators
  1. Paul Morris says:

    Could you tell me where you ordered it from, as I could do with one. Regards Paul.

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