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Apple Tree
Fruit Trees, Bushes etc in Allotment Shop

We often concentrate on growing vegetables and forget the wide range of fruit we can in the British Isles, even without the benefit of a greenhouse or a polytunnel.

In terms of return for space and effort, often fruit makes more sense than growing vegetables!

When you come to buy a tree or a bush, do remember it could well go on for many years and it's worth investing some time researching so you get the best possible variety for your climate and tastes.

Don't forget, many fruits can be grown in pots and containers - even trees on dwarfing rootstocks so lack of space need not be a problem.

Raspberry Pests & Problems

Growing Citrus Fruit - Success Factors

Some pointers towards growing citrus fruits from experienced Spanish fruit growers Clodagh & Dick Handscome.

Growing Peaches & Nectarines

This series is an extract from Carol Klein's Grow Your Own Fruit used with permission.

Brief Guides & Introductions to Growing Fruit


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